CNBC’s Joe Kernen Who Got His Ass Whipped By Dutch Olympic Skating Coach, Jillert Anema, Yesterday, Made Fun Of Indians In October.

Click to access YouTube video.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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Kernen mocking Indians. Click to access YouTube video.

Kernen mocking Indians. Click to access YouTube video.

Kernen’s pathetic, ignorant attempts yesterday to try and belittle Holland, is just but one example of his near daily tirades against anything that is not American, not ‘tea party’ and is not the same color has him. Xenophobia doesn’t come close to describing him. When he gets together with Home Depot co-founder, the ‘unfortunately’ visaged Ken Langone, which is like every other day (because Kernen just adores Langone’s vitriol) they just belittle anything and anybody that doesn’t meet their narrow, ultra-right wing, views and agenda. It is a shame. He is the most obnoxious, least erudite and most irrelevant of all the people that work for CBNC. He makes Rick Santelli appear somewhat sane and logical which takes some doing. Yes, I know he has been with CNBC from day one 25 years ago. But it really is time for him to go — platinum-clad contract or not. I totally TUNE HIM OUT. When he is talking I study the ticker, with even more interest than normal, or take out my ASUS Pad and surf the Web.

He got away in October when he put down Indians and the Rupee. Well Indians, despite their soaring population which does mean that they are a very fertile bunch, just do not have the ‘walnuts‘ to take on someone like KKernen. Shame. Would have been lovely to see Kernen debating an Indian or two and getting his fat ass kicked like it was yesterday.

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