Could Alton Central School (ACS), N.H., Possibly Have Handled This Feb. 13 Snowstorm Any WORSE?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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The two posts to do with Wednesday’s delay
in making announcement:

First Post     &     Second Post

Talk about the ACS parents being jerked around — unnecessarily.

First they are told, no doubt to the relief of some,
that it will be just a 2 hour delay.

Then 70 minutes later they are told that school is cancelled
as it should have been in the first place!

The two e-mails 70 minutes apart. Click to ENLARGE.

The two e-mails 70 minutes apart. Click to ENLARGE.

It was EXACTLY as I had predicted 24-hours earlier,
on this blog!
I don’t think of this as any perspicacity on my part
since this is such a
predictable, very pedestrian Administration.

Click to ENLARGE. Use the links above if you want to see it in the post itself.

Click to ENLARGE. Use the links above if you want to see it in the post itself.

I fully understand the ramifications of not having school
— even IF I hadn’t followed the NYC saga on CNN yesterday.

Yes, parents that work have to find a place for the kids and there is also the issue of the subsidised hot meals.
Moreover, it is a Friday and I know we have some 70 kids that get ‘backpacks’ for the weekend.
Furthermore, it was Valentine’s Day. Kids had events planned in school.

But, there was no way TEACHERS were going to make it to school!

The 2 hour delay was STUPID from the very start.

And lets not forget the inane Carbon Monoxide scare and that school closing.

The judgement of this Administration is open to question.

Plus, as ever, they don’t even have the GRACE to just admit that they screwed up.

I am writing this at 12:52. So it is past midday.

What SNOW?

But, rather than just admit that she screwed up she has to try and mitigate it by saying ‘more snow’.

No, not more snow. Here is the weather forecast from ever reliable WUNDERGROUND.


Click to ENLARGE.


No snow midday. Click for WUNDERLAND.

I just feel bad for the parents that work and have to make contingency plans when there is no school.

So this morning they are first told … ‘A OK. Just 2 hour delay‘. So they work on that. Hopefully they get that sorted out when they are told ‘Guess what. No school‘.

Doesn’t affect us. We are both at home. Plus I like having the kids at home. I had already told them Tuesday night that they will not be having school on Friday!

I hope others have made some noise about these unnecessary shenanigans.

I feel bad for the teachers. There was no way that some of them were going to be able to make it to school. Then there is the safety.

I do not think that this administration can be trusted with ever making the right decisions on school closings and school delays. It would make me so much happier IF these decisions were handled by a responsible adult, maybe our Police Chief. Mr. Heath or the ACS Resource Officer, Mr. Sullivan. Then we wouldn’t have these crazy, illogical knee-jerks that risk safety and mess parents around.

So, the BIG QUESTION. Who prevailed on Sydney Leggett to get her to change her mind. Could not have been easy!


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