Early Closing Of Alton Central School (ACS) For Thursday, February 12, 2014 Snowstorm. Lets Hope 12:30/12:45 Isn’t TOO LATE.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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Last night’s post on ACS dragging its heels
on early release announcement.

Here are some pictures taken at 11:20 am on Thursday.

Click to ENLARGE.

It is coming down at a good clip and the bottom layer is pretty slick. I know the buses have automatically-deploying chains etc. but lets hope, for the sake of the kids, that all the buses make it through — given some of the steep hills on some of the routes.

The ACS Administration could do well to follow Samuel Langhorne Clemens’ famous saying:
Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.” 

I think that the way that both Prospect & ACS handled today’s early release is ludicrous!

Though I applaud Prospect for making an early decision, and blame ACS for waiting till 9:37 pm to tamely follow Prospect’s lead, I think Prospect was too hasty in setting 12:45 as the early release time.

Now they, given the MASSIVE egos involved, have their hands tied. They are not going to bring forward that time, despite the snow condition, because, heaven forbid, that they are made to look fallible.

Yes, I, as I repeatedly point out, contrary to all claims to the contrary, am NOT totally stupid — just partially stupid. I know why they pick 12:30/12:45. It counts as a Full Day! So it doesn’t count as a snow day.

I just hope that these puerile games that they feel obliged to play doesn’t risk the safety of the kids. We will see it again tomorrow morning. We know what they plan to do so why don’t they just make it official now. “2 hour delay” — irrespective of snow conditions, because that again avoids making it a snow day.

At least Prospect can hold its head up high and say that they were trying to give parents as much heads up as possible. I appreciate that.

ACS, now, has no excuses. There 9:47 announcement was neither ‘here nor there’. They didn’t have a choice.

I actually agree that it would have been better if they waited until this morning to make a better more informed decision.

Here is what they could have done which would have been the optimum for all sides.

At 1:30 pm yesterday, both schools, together should have put out a statement saying that it was MOST LIKELY that there would be a early release Thursday given the forecast and that they ANTICIPATE that the kids will be released no later than 12:30 – 12:45 THOUGH they might have to bring that forward depending on actual snow conditions.

That way the parents could start making the necessary arrangements.

When will they ever learn. It isn’t as if we aren’t used to snow.

P.S., There are still some GLARING errors in the ACS Handbook!

The missing image on the cover was but the start. 

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