Boston Chinatown Chinese New Year 2014 Celebrations, February 9: NO SNOW. All Systems GO! Be There Or Be Square.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.2014yearhorseaghny

Anura Guruge

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For pictures from Sunday, February 9, 2014 celebrations

No SNOW. That was a false alarm.

Some light snow flurries LATE in the evening. So no worries … Head down. 

From Boston's Channel 7 News, WHDH. Click to access. They are pretty good.

From Boston’s Channel 7 News, WHDH. Click to access. They are pretty good.

Happy New Year.

Don’t forget this …

Click to ENLARGE.

Click to ENLARGE.

Yes, that is Teischan on the right, standing up at the window of “Hei La Moon”. This was 2011 or 2012. Click to access post.

IF you plan to do Dim Sum, as you really must, where should you indulge? I have been giving this some thought to be fair to all of you, especially first time visitors.

We, and by that I include the kids too, since we have all being going there for well over 7 years, are committed fans of “China Pearl“. To us “China Pearl” is the ONLY place in town for GOOD Dim Sum, and the fact that it is always packed with at least 90% of the tables occupied by Chinese-speaking Chinese amply attests that it is THE PLACE. But, “China Pearl” is located above street level, on floors 2 & 3 of a building, and the lower floor, which is the preferred floor, has no windows of any sort! The upper floor does have a big window but all you see, from your table, is the Boston skyline.

To us, the ONLY merit of the ‘Hei La Moon’ is its uninterrupted glass wall of windows at street level. You can sit at the ‘Hei La Moon‘ and see some of the Dragon and Lion Parades parade past on the street. IF you are new to the scene, and have yet to become a Dim Sum connoisseur there is nothing wrong with starting off, this year, at the ‘Hei La Moon’. To our taste and liking the Dim Sum, especially the variety, at ‘Hei La Moon’ is sub-par to that of the ‘China Pearl’. But, I think, I can’t really remember, it is more ‘Americanized’ and the price possibly a tad lighter. BUT, if what you want is to enjoy the parades while grazing on some Dim Sum, and possibly having a preprandial Bloody Mary or a Mimosa (and PLEASE do remember it is New Year and it is expected of you to celebrate), hit the ‘Hei La Moon’.

If you want better Dim Sum and enjoy the buzz of lots of Chinese talking in Chinese and really having fun go to the ‘China Pearl’. They will probably send you upstairs. Maybe you will luck out and get a table close to the window. IF you look the part they MIGHT let you have a table on the main floor — which is, as it should be, mainly reserved for Asians — and I say that with a big, toothy GRIN. Yep, they let ME sit downstairs — as they should. We need to have a few breaks in life.

From “Chinatown Main Street (Boston)” Facebook page
taken during the “Lucky Flower Market“, pre-New Year in 2014.


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