Sticking Automated Lens Cover On Panasonic Lumix ZS20 & ZS19 Cameras. BE AWARE, Very Aware. Shy Clear. Buy Something Else.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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This camera when it works is magical! No doubt or debate about that.

The problem is that it doesn’t work as well as you would like or expect much of the time.

This is Deanna’s camera. I got it for her as a Christmas present last year.

This morning, while I was in bed having my coffee, she came and told me that she has HAD IT with this damn camera and that she wants me to write the most scathing of post. So, I am trying though I am not sure I am that good at writing anything scathing.

We had trouble with the lens just 20 days after Deanna started using it. Amazon, to their credit, had a new camera sent to us in days.

Then on the way to the Grand Canyon, in April, we had to get ANOTHER camera and Amazon to their eternal credit gave us a partial refund.

Since we couldn’t find a ZS20 in Arizona we ended up with a ZS19 — same camera, the ZS19 doesn’t have GPS.

Now the lens cap is sticking on the ZS19.

So this is the 3rd ZS20 & ZS19 we are on. We haven’t had the 3 for a full year yet. We got the ZS19 in April!

Deanna is going to return it. I told her I will get her another camera.

She, however, wants to sort it out.

We have heard from one other person that they too have had lens cap issues.

I tried cleaning the lens cap because I am sure that dirt and grease must play a role in why it sticks.

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