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Saad Hindal Website — I Created It Using Yola, My 3rd Yola Website.

Anura Guruge

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Saad Hindal

PLEASE click to access Saad’s Website. You really should.

This was fun.

Ten years ago I used to enjoy creating Websites. I did quite a few Websites (in excess of 20 I would think) — all in FrontPage 2013. As with anything, I got good at it with practice.

I can’t say I really relish making Websites. I do them when I have to. I had promised Saad, so I had to do it.

I kind of built up to this with Teischan’s and ‘Pup Is NOT A Toy‘ earlier this month. I updated Teischan’s ‘My Name‘ page to get warmed-up before I jumped into creating Saad’s. IF you want to see some Titian nudes, TITIAN not Teischan, take a gander and click on the thumbnails.

People who have never known my level of ‘business’ can never even imagine how busy I am — and how much I get done, in tangible deliverables, a day.

I have been crazy busy. Yes, OF COURSE, I am working on another book. Writing books is like breathing, eating, drinking red wine, running and sex. If I am alive I am writing.

Last night I finished Chapter 4. With this book I lucked out. Four trusted friends agreed to proof the book for me as I write it. That is such a HUGE help. So this morning I sent them the PDF for proofing. Yes, I should have started on Chapter 5.

But, I have such a backlog. I had promised Saad that I would put his mesmerizing ‘Virgin Mary‘ on eBay. Did that. My 1st eBay listing in 8 years! I had given up trying to sell things on eBay. But, to be fair, they really do make it simple. So that was fun.

I am still not totally sold on Yola. IT WORKS. No question about that. It is also responsive. Maybe with more use I will get to love it. Sure does what it promises.

I probably have to make a Website for John Bishop too! He was here this morning. I try to help people, but … time, time, time.

D-Link DAP-1320 Wireless N 300 Mbps Compact … FALSE CLAIM. Not An ‘Extender’ Per Se! It Creates 2nd Network!!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click to access Amazon listing.

Click to access Amazon listing.

Click for Amazon listing. But, here is the problem. Doesn't extend your existing network, creates a 2nd with DIFFERENT network name and PASSWORD!

Click for Amazon listing. But, here is the problem. Doesn’t extend your existing network, creates a 2nd with DIFFERENT network name and PASSWORD!

I am beyond bummed.

I ordered an DAP-1320 to further boost my Wi-Fi signal around the house
— to be a helper for the sometimes struggling Cisco RE1000 range extender.

It came the other day. Yesterday evening I installed it. Was a piece of cake though it took a long time to connect.

Then I realized that it was NOT extending my network, it had created a NEW network — with a very strong signal.

I did NOT want that.
You need to logon to the 2nd network with its
own network name (i.e., SSID) and PASSWORD.

I called up D-Link. After 35 minutes on hold I finally got an agent. They confirmed this. Does not extend. Creates 2nd network.

Suffice to say it is going back. I got it from Amazon — just for this. They are SO good about returns.


DAP-1320 is not what you are probably looking for.

I might try the NetGear.

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