‘Is Buddhism A Religion?’ In The Respected, British ‘The Guardian’.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

One of these days, when I am finished with popes I will start writing about Buddhism. Given that I was a Buddhist for 18 years I do know a fair amount about Buddhism. I have asked and answered the ‘is Buddhism a religion‘ question many times. IF your definition of a ‘religion’ involves or requires a God (with a capital ‘G’) or many gods (with little ‘gs’) you are out of luck and barking up the wrong tree. But, Buddhism is much more than meditation. It definitely talks about the after-life and the after-life-after-that and the after-life-after-that-and-that etc. etc. So if religion is something you want to deal with the afterlife, Buddhism will definitely give that to you with a healthy dose of reincarnation. It is reincarnation that made me stop being a Buddhist. For the world of me I cannot reconcile, come to terms with or believe in reincarnation. So, I stopped being a Buddhist. Not a big deal. I am not spiritual in any way or form.

But, some of you may find this article of interest. I didn’t have time to read all of it. I have to do some writing about Pius XII (#261) and why he was loath to appoint a Camerlengo. What I need to write has been buzzing around my head for 14 hours. I have to write it.

So you go ahead and read this. It is the start of a series from what I gather. So ‘bookmark’ it or whatever so you can find the other installments. Enjoy.

Click to access 'The Guardian' article.

Click to access ‘The Guardian’ article.

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