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Government Shutdown: More And More Government Workers Being Re-Classified As ‘Essential’ So They Get Paid!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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Click to read 'USA Today' article and watch to the two GOP doyens stroking each other -- in public, with no shame.

Click to read ‘USA Today’ article and watch to the two GOP doyens stroking each other — in public, with no shame.

I can tell YOU for a FACT that D.C. government workers who were furloughed on Tuesday, October 1, 2013, were being re-classified as ‘ESSENTIAL’ on Thursday, October 4, so that they can again start getting paid.

I have no problem, whatsoever, with that. I am glad. I do not want anybody to suffer because of rank stubbornness and stupidity of folks making $174,000 a year.

This whole shutdown is a farce.

The media, as ever, seems impotent when it comes to highlighting the facts. We heard that the furloughed government workers can claim UNEMPLOYMENT now — and pay it back IF they receive back pay.

I am more than happy for them to receive BACK PAY.

After yesterday’s inane car-ramming incident (by another deranged idiot) a crucial point came to light.

The Capitol Police ARE WORKING WITHOUT PAY — irrespective of back pay.

Kudos, THANK YOU and way to go.

Not so with many, many others. They are NOT working. They are staying at home.

While I understand that it is NOT their fault, why should they get back pay?

Who do they think they are … school superintendents in NH?

IF they like the Capitol Police go to work, irrespective of work, I will be DELIGHTED that they get back pay — even with a 5% bonus to pay for interest on money they would have had to borrow.

But, back pay if you don’t work.

What is this? U.S.A. or Italy?

All this said, I am still smiling. I am a political junkie. But, my politics are complicated. This shutdown does help further my agenda — though Obama is no longer a part of it. He is history. I am thinking 2014 and 2016.

I Replace My ‘4 Year Old’ C-Drive With A Clone — Both Western Digital (WD) Blacks, Though I Went Up To 1TB.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click to access NewEgg product page for this 1TB Western Digital (WD) drive.

Click to access NewEgg product page for this 1TB Western Digital (WD) drive.

Click to access 'PC World' article.

Click to access ‘PC World’ article.

My main PC, on which I write this, is, indubitably, my most prized of possessions — not because of its intrinsic value (which isn’t that much) but because of its familiarity. I will readily confess, and Deanna will gleefully concur, I spend more time with this 4-year old PC than with anything else! I can’t help it. That I baby my PCs is well known within the family. IF I am having PC problems, I am not a happy camper. So, Deanna is more than happy for me to spend money to keep this computer humming since it stops me from mopping around. Now, it is not as if I don’t have backups. I have two, one more or less a plug-and-play replacement — but it is never the same.

This computer, give its workload, is getting old. It is 4 years old now and I have written 14 books on it! It is not a super computer. It is very much middle-of-the-road, though it has an quad i7, 12GB of memory & a high-end graphics card. I just like it because I know it — well, given that, on average, I spend at least 10 hours a day on it. I am a creature of habit. So, I have exact replacements of my keyboard and mouse — at all times. If one goes bad I replace it with another that is identical — and the first thing I do is go to Amazon and order a replacement. You can laugh. You can scoff, but how many PCs do YOU know on which 14 books have been written.

I have had LOTS of problems with this PC this year. Yes, these problems have shortened my life by at least 5 years, though that is not a big deal. None of the problems, though intensely traumatic to me, were serious. I had to replace my main 27″ monitor, three (yes, 3) cooling fans, a mouse and the power-supply. Given the age the next most vulnerable component was my C-drive — the boot disk with Windows 7 Professional. I have a D-drive too, which I use for data backup.  So it was agreed that I should clone my ‘C’ with a new drive.

So that is what I did today — with Shane Selling of Laconia, yes, the Hexacopter flyer, doing all the work.

I like Western Digital (WD). I have been familiar with them for 3 decades.

I had WD Black 750 GB drives. Now I got another BLACK, 1 TB drive. [It always has to be black. Do NOT bother with any of the other red, blue or green WD drives. In this instance BLACK is always the best.]

Shane cloned the 750 GB C-drive onto the 1TB new drive. Since it was block-to-block copying, the new 1TB still comes across as a 750GB. That is not an issue. I have lots and lots of free space. When I need the additional ’20GB’ I can extend the drive.

So, I write this using my new 1TB cloned drive.

So far, so good. Yes, of course, I have my old C-drive, literally in cotton balls. So, I can go back to that if something happens to the new ‘C’.

Yes, I know I might be tempting fate. Drives are fickle. I know that.

But, I am hoping I have some protection. As long as a I have a bootable-backup I am set.

Never worried about data. I have multiple backups — including ‘in the cloud’, online with Google’s amazing ‘Google Drive‘.

Of course you will be the second to know if I encounter any problems. The first will be Shane.

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