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I Nailed The Cardinal Creating Consistory, Already Published Cardinalabili — Alton, N.H. Will Again Be Consistory-Central For The World.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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I published this on September 3, 2013.

Since 2010 my ‘Popes-and-Papacy‘ blog has been Consistory-Central for the World because I proactively canvass and publish cardinalabili lists (most of which have been remarkably accurate) whereas others, for reasons that elude me, are ‘squeamish’ to do so. I have also compiled some very detailed and unique stats on the last 100 years (+) of consistories. Not sure whether I will update those — now. Time for somebody else to do the hard work. I am frying other fish.

The dedicated 'Consistory' page at 'popes-and-papacy', in addition to the 100s of consistory-related posts. Click to access.

The dedicated ‘Consistory’ page at ‘popes-and-papacy’, in addition to the 100s of consistory-related posts. Click to access.

As soon as I read about the appointment of the new Secretary of State, Pietro Parolin, I predicted that we would have a cardinal creating consistory soon BECAUSE if nothing else HE had to be made a cardinal. I am quoted on Wikipedia on this!


I started soliciting cardinalabili lists at once. I don’t do cardinalabili lists myself. I know my limitations. My forte is papabili lists — and my record on those is currently 100%.

I have two lists of caradinalabili on ‘popes-and-papacy‘ right now. Go check them out.

I get a feeling that my life is going to get even more hectic now. C’est la vie.

I am NOT going to devote as much time as I have done in the past to this consistory. ROI is near ZERO. So, I will do just enough, but that is all.

But, stay tuned. Exciting times.

‘Remembrance Day’ — Poppy Day — In Sri Lanka (nee Ceylon), Some Pictures.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Please check dedicated ‘Red Poppy’ PAGE
above (↑↑) with tons of pictures and history.

Of course I knew we celebrated Poppy Day in Ceylon, now Sri Lanka. Despite the crazy talk from some of late about Sri Lanka’s place in the British Commonwealth etc. we can’t deny our 200 years of being a British dominion. So, of course we are part of the Poppy Day tradition — and, though I am not sure of the numbers, I know that Ceylon did provide some men to fight in WW I and WW II. Plus Lord Mountbatten had his WW II HQ in Ceylon for awhile. That is why we got bombed by the Japs. [You really should check that link for very rare footage from the Japanese themselves.]

To be honest I couldn’t remember Poppy Day in Ceylon — but remember I left before I was 14 and that was in 1967. My once semi-photographic memory now has many gaps. There are events and places in Ceylon that I still have total recall of down to the last details. But, today, when I went looking for pictures and saw an image of kids, dressed in white, carrying collection tins for Poppy Day — it came back. I HAD DONE THAT. My adoptive mother, a social butterfly, involved with umpteen charity events, had us going around collecting for many things — but I now remember the Poppies.

Here are some pictures, I found today, on the Web, of Poppy Day in Ceylon — Sri Lanka.

Just a snapshot. There must be more. I will e-mail one of my cousins, not the most reliable of folks, and try and see if I can find out what is happening in 2013.

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Trouble Making International Calls With ‘Consumer Cellular’ — A Known Problem.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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Every once in awhile I call relatives in Sri Lanka, country code +94.

I made a couple of calls in early October with ‘Consumer Cellular’ — and it worked fine, and I was also ‘OK’ with the $3.40 they charged me for the two calls.

Then about 2 weeks later I tried to call those same numbers; a cousin-in-law has cancer.

This time I just could not get through. Went through an episode when it demanded I redial the whole long string twice — but still it wouldn’t connect.

I tried intermittently for 3 days. It wasn’t urgent. Just courtesy calls, so it could wait. Calling SL you can never be sure whether the problems are at the other end.

The 3rd day I couldn’t get through, I despaired and used my TDS landline phone. I had never used that to make International Calls. I have no idea how much TDS will overcharge me for those calls.

But, it connected first time. I called another number too — a cell phone this time. Again, no problem. First call to my cousin on her landline and the second, to the cell, to the in-law, who can’t get to the phone.

Today I called up Consumer Cellular.

They are AWARE of the International Calling PROBLEMS!

They are switching international carriers!

No, they don’t know when it will be resolved.

So, a heads up.

In general, now having had CC for 7 weeks, the BEST I can say is that they are ‘OK’. It works, just about. Not great.

Deanna hates it.

Second U.S. Catholic Bishop Has Hepatitis — This Time In Tyler, Texas. This Is Scary.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Not good. Could give the Church a bad name.

I checked to see how prevalent Hepatitis, a notifiable disease over there, actually is in Italy.

These two bishops supposedly caught it, in Rome, in September. They don’t, of course, have the numbers for that period — which was only last month.

But here are the numbers for Jan. – May 2013. 352 cases. So, I guess, and I could be wrong, you have to be damn unlikely to catch it — especially if you are a Catholic Bishop, a direct successor of the Apostles. What chances do mere mortals have if Bishops go around catching hepatitis in Rome.

Click to access report.

Click to access report.

Twitter IPO Registration: Fidelity Invites Me To Bid, I Did, But Doubt Whether I Will Get Any. I Prop Up The Totem Pole.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Though I have been a customer for over 20 years, and have used them EXCLUSIVELY for all my investing since 2007 (when Schwab unceremoniously booted me out because I responded to one of their surveys saying I would NOT RECOMMEND them) the LAST TIME Fidelity threw a real IPO bone at me was in 2008 — that that was Visa. I think they felt bad for me. They could see how much money  I had lost between 2007 – 2008. ‘V’, of course, was a lifesaver for ME. Thank YOU, Fidelity. I also happened to buy, a fairly large (for me (and that could mean, in IBM talk (which I am a renowned expert at), 2 shares)) allocation of Bear Stearns stock the morning they went belly-up. If not for those two stocks I would be homeless again.

OK, to be fair to Fidelity I don’t apply for that many IPOs. I did apply for VMWare, LinkedIn and a few other ‘biggies’ and never got anything. I did NOT apply for FaceBook. I did not want 100 shares of FB. I did have a bad feeling. I just wanted a few — just to say I participated. So on IPO day, I did buy 5 shares, for ‘FREE’ (i.e., by selling AAPL options), at $38.09. Yes, those are now worth $50. Keeping them just as a joke.

Recently I have started dabbling in IPOs for the heck of it — without any major successes. But, I haven’t lost much money either — always the key criteria for me.

It is possible that like FB Twitter too might tank for awhile after the IPO. So I will not be heartbroken if Fidelity blows me off. I fully appreciate that I am a ‘no-op’, bottom of the totem pole when it comes to Fidelity investors — I am sure I am in the BOTTOM 95% percentile. So, c’est la vie. At least I can say I tried.

Heads Up For Alton Central School (ACS) Parents: Glass In Some Doors In ACS NOT Safety Glass. A Door Broke Tonight.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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All of us happened to be at Alton Central tonight for the October School Board meeting, in the Middle School Library, when the glass on the door broke.


Ols, single pane, non-safety glass like on the door at ACS.

Old, single pane, non-safety glass like on the door at ACS.

There were shards of glass all over the place and shards left on the door.

If this had happened when a small kid was opening or closing that door the outcome could have been DISASTROUS.

Of course, I immediately asked, when I was allowed to speak, as to why it was NOT safety glass.

This is serious.

The Department of Labor inspected the school in Spring. They found some violations BUT they obviously did not check the glass. This is not good.

What we don’t know is how many other doors and windows at ACS as old, single-pane, NON-SAFETY glass.

At 11 pm tonight, given that I work at night, I called up Mr. John Dever III, Alton Town’s Building Inspector and told him about the situation. I urged him to get to ACS ASAP and check all the glass.

I believe the school should be CLOSED until all the old, non-safe glass is replaced.

Well you have been told.

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