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Braxton: What The Name Means; It Is Really A Last Name As Opposed To A First, But I Am Sure The Puppy Won’t Know The Difference.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


..Anura Guruge

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Names have always intrigued me, more so now that ever before after I wrote my groundbreaking book on pope names: “Popes and the Tales of Their Names“.

I was not familiar with ‘Braxton‘. So I had to check.  Got pretty good at tracking down names when I was researching the pope names, I had no choice. So didn’t take me long.

Interesting. No famous ‘Braxtons’ so the puppy could make a name for himself.

When I was at University in the early 1970s it was all the rage to come up with pretentious names for dogs. So that is why I have had: Rousseau (after the Swiss philosopher, after coming back from a holiday in Geneva where my hotel was opposite Rousseau’s island), Winston (Churchill), Maggie (Thatcher), Ulysses (Grant) & Monty (Montgomery as in the brilliant British WW II general). In between I also had: Bonzo, Peanut and Shamrock (the shelter given name for this huge, magnificent Golden who also answered to ‘Badger’ a name from a prior shelter).

Now it is Maya (after the ‘people’, and Deanna picked that) and Braxton — also picked by Deanna. I was given ‘heck’ by a Buddhist about ‘Maya’! I was asked whether I had forgotten who ‘Maya’ was. I obviously had. I could not remember. The Buddha’s mother was ‘Maya’. Yes, it came back when I was reminded. I did NOT see the big deal. To me naming a dog after a person is NEVER an insult, always a compliment. I assume that people name dogs ‘Mary’. Not that I really cared whether I offended Buddhists or not. If they want to get upset that I have a dog called ‘Maya’ they really have major issues.

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Affordable Care Act (ACA) [ObamaCare] October 1 Health-Care Exchange Rates For New Hampshire. Middle-Of-The-Road Kind Of.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click to access entire table and article from the 'Wall Street Journal' online.

Click to access entire table and article from the ‘Wall Street Journal’ online.

Click to access 'Wall Street Journal' original.

Click to access ‘Wall Street Journal’ original.

The Health-Care Exchanges go live next week, October 1, 2013. I am kind of dreading it since I have already seen how the online applications are failing!

Today various media outlets start publishing projected premium rates. Of course I was interested in what they would be for New Hampshire.

The Wall Street Journal published, above, the LOWEST monthly premiums for a single 27-year old who wants to buy health insurance in one of the 36 states where the health-care exchange is run by the Federal Government.

The $186 premium in NH puts us at #24 out of the 36. So in terms of cost we are higher end of the list.

The average premium costs across all 36 states is $170 a month. So we are above that. But the Federal Tax Credit discounts don’t appear to be mentioned. These, which can be directly applied to the monthly premiums, WILL bring the cost down.

Lets wait and see. I am hoping that it will be good news.

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