Some Compelling, Very Evocative Movies From Israel — We Are Hooked. “The Other Son”, “The Band’s Visit”, “Footnote” etc.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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othersonsmovieLast night we started watching “The Other Son” a movie set in Israel — with subtitles (though some of the dialog is in French). I knew it would be good. It was, though I am not sure whether they are overplaying the supposed emotions.

What is germane here is that of late I keep an eye out for movies made in or set in Israel because we have seen some dynamite movies ‘from Israel’.

Over the years I had seen a few; all good. But over the last year we saw three in a row that were beyond memorable: “The Band’s Visit”, “Footnote” and “The Little Traitor”.

There is something about “The Band’s Visit“. You don’t think it will amount to much and it is deliberately set at a slow pace — but it is mesmerizing. Amazing how they achieve that.

bandmovieLoved “The Little Traitor” with its British connection and it was a revelation to me since (like many Brits of my age, I am sure) this is an aspect of our GLORIOUS and PROUD history that we don’t know enough about.

As a writer and researcher I found “Footnote” to be very compelling. Beautifully done.

So if you get movie channels, Showtime in particular, that shows Israeli make a point of recording them. We have yet to be disappointed.



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One response to “Some Compelling, Very Evocative Movies From Israel — We Are Hooked. “The Other Son”, “The Band’s Visit”, “Footnote” etc.”

  1. janelleyjames says :

    I will watch them as soon as I get a chance.

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