Bought Our Tickets For Christmas Revels 2013 At Dartmouth (By Revels North) At 8 am This Morning.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.NewHopLogo

Anura Guruge

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Our seats.

As I said in my last post not only had I set two electronic e-mail alerts for yesterday to remind me — we set two wake up alarms, one mechanical the other electronic (because I am a great believer in belt-and-braces), to rouse me from my deep slumber at 7:30 am. That I was willing to get up at 7:30 am to buy tickets really is the utmost endorsement I can give to Revels North.

I am not a morning person — especially because I don’t go to bed until early morning! Last night I didn’t make it to bed till 1:30 am and then I read for 20 minutes. No I am not an insomniac. I actually sleep very well, without issue — always have and I can sleep anywhere when I have to. Unless we are travelling or have an appointment, it has to be a VERY SPECIAL occasion for me to agree to getting up before 8 am. And today was one of those days.

Yes, I got up at 7:30 last year also, on the very first day the tickets went online, to get our front row seats.

The kids have high expectations of me when it comes to tickets. They think I am good at it — probably the only thing that they think I am good at. So I try not to disappoint. They have very specific requirements. Front row aisle. So I got them front row aisle for the 3rd year in a trot. It was a bit nerve wracking this morning.

Though I woke up at 7:30 and Deanna, kindly, supplied me with my first cup of coffee shortly thereafter, there was no way I intended to get out of bed!  There are limits. So I had taken the precaution of putting Teischan’s Windows 8 laptop under the bed. I am not very good with laptops. I don’t like the keyboards and the screen, even at 15+”, is way too small for me. I am into BIG picture since this PC has 47″ horizontal screen space. So I messed up a few times. I was getting worried that I might lose the seats. But, I prevailed. We, actually Teischan, has an account, so the purchase part was easy. [We use to go to Big Apple circus at Hanover — until they stopped coming. I set up the Hop box office account to buy those tickets in 2006 — the year that Teischan was born; having seen the flyer for the circus at ‘The Hospital’ during her birth. Hence, why the account is in her name — which she is very proud of, because the tickets bear her name and all the Hop literature we get is addressed to her.]

So we are excited. I am happy though this has been an EXPENSIVE week in terms of tickets. Monday tickets for the circus. Today Revels and then 30 minutes later Deanna bought tickets for ‘Story Land’ — another near ‘annual’ ritual. 

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