Reasons 81 To 85 Of The 1,001 Reasons I Really, Really HATE DirecTV.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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#81. The movie reviews have cryptic symbols like red tomatoes, green tomatoes, popcorn etc. with NO EXPLANATION as to what the heck they mean. There are even percentages against these symbols. It is like a f*ing private joke. Did I mention that I really, really HATE DirecTV.

#82. In addition to these annoying in their indecipherability icons, the movie descriptions can in some instances be just 2 sentences — leaving you totally in the dark as to what the movie is all about. DISH, in general, had fairly detailed, fairly decent synopsis that gave you a chance in terms of deciding whether you want to record a movie or not.

#83. In the GUIDE the channel names are not properly represented. I challenge you to tell me, without looking it up, where I can find the Bloomberg Financial channel. Yes, it is there. But, on the GUIDE you will NEVER see even a reference to ‘Bloomberg’!

#84. So yesterday, Sunday, I powered up the TV/Genie 3 times. Whereas on Saturday night I had to wait 4 minutes, yes, 4 minutes, for the Remote to become active, on Sunday it was active from the Get Go … why? Because the first time I turned the TV on, Genie was already powered-up since it was recording a movie. The other two times, it had not gone into hibernation because there had not been 4 hours of inactivity. I find this erratic unpredictability annoying and distracting. I don’t know whether I should wait 4 minutes or whether it will work as soon as I power on the TV. Very annoying.

#85. I recorded a 2 hour documentary (very good I must say) from the Military Channel on ‘Lee & Grant’. It has quite a few commercial. And yes, I FF through commercial — which is why, other than with news and financials, I only watch pre-recorded shows. FF with the Genie is not pleasant. It is very slow and jerky. It is like skipping through a PowerPoint presentation rather than a video. THEN, when you hit PLAY … Oh, Dear! It takes ages for the sound to catch up. The video is all over the place. It is quite pathetic. 

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