As Pilot Error Looms In “Asiana Air” Crash In San Francisco, I Can’t Help But Think Ok “Korean Air 007” In September 1983.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

Craigslist was already abuzz this morning, well ahead of the news and NTSB reports, that the crash was due to ‘inexperienced’ Asian pilots. Though obviously Asian myself (and growing up I always wanted to be a commercial pilot before my eyesight went to hell), I do sympathize with these sentiments. All said and done you can’t beat U.S. and British pilots when it comes to training and experience. Even better if they flew for the services. In my days of racking up a million miles with American (and mainly sitting at the front, within the first 6 rows) you would hear other frequent flyers commenting on the style of landings of AA pilots — along the lines of “Wow, you can tell that he is from the Navy and landed on aircraft carriers the way he just put this baby down … with that definite thump“.

Given that (as I am sure I have mentioned before) I am an airplane buff I do tend to know a bit about major plane incidents. I was intrigued by KAL 007 and even read a book about it. Though we will never know what really happened, unintended pilot error on the part of the Koreans cannot be ruled out. Hence why it came to mind.

This article in Bloomberg goes onto talk about other Korean crashes and their rather shaky safety record. Not good.

Kind of bad for all Asian airlines including Air Lanka.

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