The Commemorative ‘Blood Red Poppy’ Plaque, Lobby Of The Prince Arthur Hotel, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

'Blood Red Poppy' Plaque, The Prince Arthur Hotel, Thunder bay, Ontario, Canada

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Part of My “Poppy Day” series on this Blog.

This post, as with other recent related posts, at the behest of  ‘Nancy’,
the lady from Ontario Canada who sent me the original, side on, picture of the ‘Poppy Plaque in Thunder Bay, Ontario.


Prince Arthur from days gone by.

So I contacted the hotel, viz. Prince Arthur Waterfront Hotel and Suites, 17 N. Cumberland St., Thunder Bay, ON P7A 4K8, Direct line: 807.346.5124

Tony Scarcello, the General Manager and Kory Morabito, the Sales Manager helped me out. This morning, Kory sent me the above picture. So now at last we have a good, clear image for posterity. With luck I might get more from Kory. Thank you Tony. Thank you Kory. Nancy will be delighted.

Kory also sent me this great aerial of the James Whalen marina taken by Robert Patterson, the Product Development Coordinator for Wilderness North. You can see The Hotel (as it looks now), in brick red, just to the right of center behind the covered, elevated walkway.

Prince Arthur Waterfront Hotel & Suites

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14 responses to “The Commemorative ‘Blood Red Poppy’ Plaque, Lobby Of The Prince Arthur Hotel, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.”


    Wilderness North website rather oddly describes Mme Guerin as a ‘maiden’…
    Where do these goofy errors come from ?

    • aguruge says :

      Thanks for pointing me towards it. I was surprised to see that ‘Wilderness North’ would have anything to do with Madame Guerin. I had to do a search on their Website to find it. That they describe a modern hotel in a Wildreness seems incongruous in the first place — but i think there is some kind of association between the two. As for the ‘maiden’ — translation error. Lets face it, Wilderness guides, even in Canada, are probably not that familiar with ‘Mme’. A quick Google shows that online dictionaries will translate that into ‘maiden’ which is the correct root for that word. Maybe they will fix it when they see these comments. All the best. Thanks. Anura


    —– Original Message —–
    From: ned
    To: FILE
    Sent: Wednesday, July 03, 2013 11:34 AM
    Subject: for anu add maiden french
    Wilderness North is a Thunder Bay based flying-in wilderness tourism service with an international clientele. The techie webmaster just tossed in a bit of local “heritage” information most likely made up by cruising Google. Always a nice idea except where the facts selected are wrong and enter the information mainstream. Anna Guerin is very hard to track online.
    As a bilingual country, we are not unfamiliar with French forms of address. Mme/Madame = Mrs. a married woman. Mlle/Mademoiselle; = Miss, an unmarried woman. M.//Monsieur = Mr. …demoiselle”, seems a possible source of linguistic confusion, but not a term one often hears.
    A lot of error appears in various Legion blogs here and abroad which is why this one, the adjoining provinces Legion commemorative plaquer, is so appreciated in appreciated in clarifying the Canadian Poppy initiative re the Fallen, and the role of the associated fundraiser for returning servicemen/
    ‘vet’ support.
    If you really want to see the facts of the Poppy story re Canada, where it all began, messed up, just visit our Department of National Defence and read the Aide-Memoire to the troops!


    The Ontario Association of Archives website in a short history of this historic
    northern hotel states –
    – “If there’s one event that places the hotel in the annals of Canadian history,
    it occurred in 1921. That year the Great War Veterans Association of Canada made the decision to adopt the poppy as a remembrance of those who died in the First World War and, on Nov. 11 of that year, poppies were distributed in Canada for the first time.”
    –This was not only a first for the home country of the poet who definitively associated the Flanders poppy with British war dead, it’s a first in nationwide acceptance of the idea of together wearing a replica of it in Remembrance for November 11th commemorations. Originally called Armistic Day, that date
    was later renamed as Remembrance Day to honour our Fallen of other conflicts. From Canada Mme. Guerin went to the UK to offer her replicas then send representatives to the downunder Dominions. [note: Canadians were
    official British Subjects until 1947 when we created our own Canadian Citizenship but retained the connection with the Crown]
    -By 1925 with the amalgamation of most of the “Returned Soldiers” societies
    into the UK ‘Legion’ format to have a stronger advocacy voice, the device’s production, promotion and profit aspects became a monopoly, ensuring respectful use. Traditionally the proper and respectful position to pin it is on the left breast, nearest the heart.
    -A cultured man, McCrae was not unfamiliar with this wildflower – his American scrapbook (see Montreal’s McCord Museum site) show a delightful sketch of the flower in Maryland from a decades earlier, 1896.

  4. Will Scheibler says :

    If looking for more photos of the Prince Arthur Hotel go to Thunder Bay’s Facebook page (the member ‘Thunder Bay’ that has over 3600 photos; I think there is more than one ‘Thunder Bay’ on Facebook). He was given a link to your blog with the “Poppy Day” Tradition in Canada from May 29/13 article, and posted it on his Facebook page today. Links to the Prince Arthur Hotel photos are there.

    • aguruge says :

      Will, THANK YOU. I have a problem when it comes to Facebook. Though I own a few shares of FB (which I bought as a joke on IPO day) I do NOT have a Facebook account! Yes, there is a Facebook account associated with this blog but that is ALL my wife’s work. Since I can’t logon to FB most times I can’t see FB pages. I don’t bother with FB for two reasons. It is way too technical for an old codger like me. But, the main reason is that I have NO friends or family. I am kind of an extrovert hermit! So, if I had FB it would be like when I had Linkedin. All I would get is requests from folks in the middle east asking to link to me! I am happy with what I have of Prince Arthur Hotel. They were VERY GOOD. They got me a nice, large, head-on picture of the plaque. That was all I needed. So, I am cool. Right now I am liking my wounds because, Fidelity as I knew, did not give me any Twitter IPO allocation. Keep in touch. All the best. Anura

  5. heatherannej51 says :

    May I point you towards … where you will find nearly everything there is to know about Madame Guérin, the Poppy Lady. Thank you.

  6. heatherannej51 says :

    So you know, Anura … Nancy who sent you an image of Prince Arthur Hotel’s Poppy Plaque (commemorating Poppy Lady Madame Guérin’s visit) was the very lady who set me on the quest to discover all about Madame Guérin and her ‘Inter-Allied Poppy Day’ idea. She passed away last September – knowing a lot of what I had discovered but not all of it. Heather

    • aguruge says :

      Thank you for the sad news. I wondered what happened to her. How well did YOU know her. She REFUSED to tell me anything about herself. I knew she was old. She used 3 different e-mails and would be confused as to which one. That was OK. She got MAD at me (which is easy to do) because I liked to COLLECT poppy memorabilia. She thought that that was wrong. Plus I made the ‘mistake’ of asking her whether she had no sense of humor. I am going to e-mail you in the next 24 hours. PLEASE check e-mail. What happened to Last time I looked there was a brilliant Green blog with stuff about Madame Poppy. Now it is orange and empty. Must run. Yesterday was youngest child’s 10th birthday. Activities still ongoing and I will NOT begrudge her my time. Today she wanted me, rather than the mother, to take her and a friend to a playground … lunch etc. “Work” vs kids. Not even close. SMILE. So … Must run. Another dinner … SMILE. Cheers, Anura

      • heatherannej51 says : seems ok …. I went to it via three different routes and it came up ok – so I am hoping the problem is your end 🙂 I will look out for an email from you. Heather

      • aguruge says :

        When I got your 1st comment, 3/21, was in the body of the comment and I clicked on it. It worked.
        Yesterday, in my hurry, I clicked on which is the WP URL that appears AGAINST your name, in the comments, as your WP credentials to leave comments. That is the wrong URL!
        Why? Never mind. Not as bad as Nancy and her revolving 3 e-mails ….
        I will e-mail separately.
        BIG question re:
        I tried to read this blog on my 10″ pad yesterday. I cliked on the links and saw NOTHING. Thought you hadn’t finished.
        Tried later on on my 24″ monitor. Same thing. And then on a whim I scrolled! BINGO. But with the popularity of mobiles there will be others in the same boat.
        Why don’t you have the Chapters come as new windows or tabs …
        Only a suggestion.
        Cheers, Anura

      • aguruge says :

        I just e-mailed you. Done.

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