Reasons 51 To 55 Of The 1,001 Reasons I Really, Really HATE DirecTV.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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#51. The Genie does NOT tell you that you already have a ‘program’ recorded when you go to record it again. I discovered this to my cost last night. I programmed it to record a movie. A few minutes later when I was going through my recorded list I found that I had, indeed, recorded that movie last week. But, it was still in my queue to be recorded again. The DISH DVR ignored just duplicate efforts.

#52. I still can’t work out how to immediately get to ‘LIVE TV’ if I rewind a program and then want to jump right back to what is currently showing. DISH had a ‘watch live’ button.

#53. The Genie remote has yellow, green and blue buttons that do not seem to do anything — and as such is just taking up space on the remote.

#54. I got another annoying e-mail this morning ‘Welcoming me to DirecTV’ and telling me to call if I have any problem — albeit with no mention that they might try to charge me $5 to fix their problems.

#55. Since I don’t want to get whacked with a $5 charge I e-mailed DirecTV this morning telling them my remote doesn’t work. Nothing back from them as yet.

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2 responses to “Reasons 51 To 55 Of The 1,001 Reasons I Really, Really HATE DirecTV.”

  1. steve says :

    why do you still have them as a provider? dump them-show them your blog-then tell them to gently place the contract where the sun will never shine

    • aguruge says :

      Because they go after your credit card and the credit card companies (as they are with hotels, rental car companies etc) are in CAHOOTS with them. Credit card companies love folks like DirecTV. I am fighting this every step of the way. I have complained to BBB. A DirecTV reseller scammed me. I got my full $74.99 back (plus some concessions from DirecTV). I have reported DirecTV to the BBB. It is the credit card companies that are the crooks. During the 1990s when I was heavily involved in ‘’ i was travelling all over the place, typically 3-4 days a week. I was racking up huge credit card bills more than $10K each month. I would, since I was getting paid for my travel, pay them off each month. But, I also check my bills even if they have 400 items a month. I suddenly noticed that credit card companies were double billing me! Same charge, for the same hotel stay, a few entries apart. I also noticed that as soon as I called to complain they took the charge off even before I finished my sentence. I quickly worked out that it was a scam. They must have an algorithm based on size of bill and whether it was paid in full to say TRY double billing. Lets say that I was NOT self-employed and worked for a corporation where some secretary paid my bill. They would not go through 400 entries and check it. IT was a scam. I even complained to the Attorney General. The credit card claim that it was just a mistake because of the prior-authorization charge. It wasn’t. Total scam. I bet that IF you go an investigate that you will find that credit cards have made billions if not trillions on such double charges. That is 100% profit. Same with DirecTV. If I cancel they will charge about $400 to my CC. I don’t have much in life BUT I have a credit rating that makes people salvate! That is why EVERY DAY I get at least one offer from some company for cheap money. I am not going to screw up my credit rating. I worked hard for it. When I came here in 1985, though I had a U.K. issued AmEx, Diners Club, MC, Visa & Avis credit cards in my wallet I could not get a single U.S. credit card because I had no U.S. credit history — and the U.K. does not share their data. I had to get a Sears card with a $150 limit and work up from there. So … that is the story. By the time I am finished I hope the world will know what a scam DirecTV is. What do you have? Metrocast? I couldn’t LIVE with the poor HD picture quality on MetroCast. Thanks Steve. Cheers, Anura.

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