South Africa Will Go The Extra Mile To Win ICC Champions Trophy 2013 For Nelson Mandela.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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South Africa, these days, with the likes of Amla, AB, Duminy and Morkel (with that cutest of run-ups), is a formidable team even in the worst of times.

This morning I was trying to work out whether this would be a repeat of the last World Cup: Sri Lanka vs. India.

Then it hit me. The South Africans MAY BE trying to win this for Nelson.

Cricket is not his #1 sport. He, though a champion heavyweight boxer in his younger days, is definitely a Rugby man. That is OK. I can understand that. Cricket would have been hard to follow let alone savor from Robben Island. But, as we have seen, he just revels in any and all South African victories — as he should.

So, I get a feeling that this team will go the extra mile for Nelson in the coming week — and I am ‘A-OK’ with that.

Anything we can do to celebrate and glorify THE MAN.

I know the day is coming. I am dreading it. Not sure how I will handle it.

So what I do envisage is a Sri Lanka vs. South Africa final.

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