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‘Direct Sat TV’ From N.C. Scammed Me. Duped Me Out Of $24.99 By Misrepresentation. I Filed BBS Complaint.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Direct Sat lied to me, blatantly, three times last Tuesday, June 12, 2013. They told me, three times, that I was talking DIRECTLY to DirecTV. I was not.

They overcharged me and gave me a $39.99 3-year warranty package that DirecTV does NOT HONOR!

DirecTV cancelled my order through Direct Sat and the account they set up. They set up a NEW account with the RIGHT PRICING.

Direct Sat will NOT give me my money back. My Bank of America credit card dispute handling department called them up with me on the line. They tell me that $24.99 for ‘shipping’ is not refundable and that I am screwed on that THOUGH I returned the equipment they sent me today — via UPS. So they are screwing me for $24.99 after they lied to me.

I checked with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The last complaint that they dealt with says 100% what I experienced. They represented themselves as DirecTV. Exactly what they did with me.

This is wrong. This is FRAUD.

Yes, I too filed a BBS complaint as you can see. This company is unethical. They are just plain scammers. I am sick to my stomach that I was scammed. Yes, I feel stupid. But, I did my best to validate them. I asked 3 times!    This is the problem with a phone call. If it was on the Web I would have seen the URL.

My recommendation is that you avoid this company like the plague. Their phone number is: 1-800-595-4101.

Check out the BBS complaints and see that I did file my complaint too.

DirecTV ‘compensated’ me SOME for this $24.99 when I called them back today. I won’t know whether that is valid till I get my service on Friday.

I will keep you posted.

Heads Up. Stay clear of Direc Sat TV.

They also go by the name ‘’.

This is EXACTLY what happened to me. They lied. Click to read the complaints at BBB.

This is EXACTLY what happened to me. They lied. Click to read the complaints at BBB.

Complaint that I filed with BBB N.C. today.

Complaint that I filed with BBB N.C. today.

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