Rain Affected South Africa (SA) v. West Indies (WI) ICC Champions Trophy Match 9 From Cardiff Videos — ICC Site Having Trouble.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Heads up! ICC site is having issues — most likely load. So you might get errors! Link is good. Just click on image. If it fails just give it some times. All the best.

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6 responses to “Rain Affected South Africa (SA) v. West Indies (WI) ICC Champions Trophy Match 9 From Cardiff Videos — ICC Site Having Trouble.”

  1. satyajit says :

    Please go to the following web site. Looks like all sports channel from India and Pakistan are available including ten cricket. Do you think it is worth to buy it. Please let me know your opinion.
    I am despately looking for cricket from WI

    • aguruge says :

      I had a look. Thank YOU. Very interesting. Trust ME, I share YOUR desire to have a constant diet of WI cricket though I see that they are back to their losing ways again.
      I would be very leary of this IPTV offering. It is still an Internet service, as the ‘IP’ part clearly denotes. Bandwidth will always be an issue. Prices aren’t cheap either. You are looking at close to $500 for the first year with everything you will end up needing. BUT, if you are willing try it and PLEASE let me know. I will post your results. I am HOPING that we will get something on DirecTV/DISH in the next few months. Maybe they will sign up Sky. A big problem I see is that ESPN, which has no idea about cricket other than that 1/2 BILLION people follow it, passionately, are trying to buy up as much of it as possible.
      OK? Thanks for the link. I will repost it tonight. Cheers. All the best.

  2. satyajit says :

    Cricket on ESPN is also via internet

    • aguruge says :

      True. That is why I don’t watch cricket on ESPN! I posted your link. Thanks.

      • satyajit says :

        this is very bad, ESPN got the right of all ICC tournament but they don’t have any satellite channel for this. ESPN is a big organization, it is extremely strange and unacceptable that they cannot have a satellite channel. Do you have any contact in ESPN? Then you can ask them why?

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