‘Common Core’ 7th Grade Math Book Being Used By Alton Central (ACS) Has A Fundamental Flaw!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Yesterday for the first time I got to see the ‘new’ “Common Core“, “Singapore Math” books (yes, there are two of them, “A” & “B”) that Alton Central (ACS) is using for 7th Grade Math.

Very nice books, and I wish I had books like this growing up — though I am still confounded as to why there is a crab on the cover.

These books have now been used for a year at ACS and you can see that from the 2nd picture above. I can even tell you the name of the kid who used the book.

Well we plan to use these books for Homeschooling Devanee — hence my particular interest in them. Since I know Devanee very well and given that we have been doing this for awhile now, the first thing I did was to check if the book had ANSWERS at the back. I am quite partial to having answers in the back of Math books because it eliminates the need for me to create an Excel spreadsheet to check Devanee’s answers.

Sure enough the book had ‘Selected Answers’.

But herein lies my problem and puzzlement.

The answers are in tightly bound pages of the book.

OK. This book was used by a student in 2012 and there was even pages of math homework by this kid inside the book.

So, what is the deal here? Is having ready access to the answers a part of the ‘Common Core’ agenda?

Multiple things bother me:

1/ This is an ‘expensive’ textbook meant to be reused. So, how come they did NOT handle the ‘selected answers’ in a BETTER manner, e.g., a supplemental booklet? [These books are supposed to be created by the crème de la crème of International educators, all of them with at least a “Master’s”. They didn’t see this problem? Maybe they should have hired a consultant.]

2/ How come the answers are still in this book if it was used by a student throughout 2012 – 2013? Did they copy (at further costs) all the test pages?

3/ Though I (as somebody with 35 years experience with book publishers) know the ‘pressures’ involved for those that recommend and purchase these textbooks, how come nobody noticed this flaw in these books?

I am not impressed. I am not happy.

I have already worked out a way to prevent Devanee gaining ready access to the answers WITHOUT in anyway putting even a scratch on the book. I might patent my invention for use with ‘Common Core’ books. Yes, I am going to forward this to the Principal at ACS and get some answers — the main one being HOW did they stop kids from looking at the answers when they were doing homework (or didn’t they do homework using this $39.99 (retail) book.

Click to access the 'Marshall  Cavendish' catalogue that lists this book.

Click to access the ‘Marshall Cavendish’ catalogue that lists this book.

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