TEN Cricket Joins NEO In Departing DISH Network. Sudden Banner On TEN Cricket Channel This Afternoon. Not Good.


Anura Guruge

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I got a heads up from a reader this afternoon in the form of this comment. Thank you, Vijay. I went and checked. Sure enough.

I didn’t care about NEO. I do care about TEN Cricket. Most of the West Indies games are covered by them and I am addicted to watching the West Indies. So …

Not good. Not sure whose fault it is. Most likely DISH threw them out. 

I also found that Willow is not covering the ICC Champions Trophy starting in the UK next week. Not good.

I scrolled down my DVR recorded list tonight. I do have about 60 hours of recorded cricket. That is 2 months worth of watching.

So I will be cancelling my ‘Cricket Pack‘ from DISH tomorrow, after, of course, trying to get them to compensate me in someway for their breach of contract. They still claim that their Pack features 3 channels. Also time to look into moving to Direct TV. I am sure they will give me some very good deals.


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11 responses to “TEN Cricket Joins NEO In Departing DISH Network. Sudden Banner On TEN Cricket Channel This Afternoon. Not Good.”

  1. Subhash says :

    This is not good, it has to be Dish’s fault, either they are trying to reduce the fees to Ten or muscling there way to find more terms.
    I really wish it gets launched on Directv, I will switch without thinking for even a second.

    • aguruge says :

      Greetings. I just did another post. Hope I didn’t offend YOU. [Come on, a bit of Sri Lanka/India rivalry.] You can leave a comment making fun of us brash Sri Lankans.
      I am sure it has to do with money. I don’t think DISH met its target goals with the ‘Cricket Pack’. So they tried to stiff TEN. I am not 100% fond of TEN either. Their programming guide is rubbish. With all the ‘match of the century’, ‘batsman of the millenia’ etc. they never post details. Can’t be that hard. Yes, I am sorry, BUT I blame their staff — and I have visions that most of them are Indian. SORRY. I am actually quite fond of Indians. Just like to get up your goat. Lets face it, you stole the last World Cup from us. Plus, here I think I can upstage YOU. I was at Lord’s for the 1983 World Cup when India amazingly beat MY West Indies! Here is a v. poignant story. I had tickets, as ever, in the Mound Stand. Next to me was a Indian boy, about 12-14, who was there by himself. After the WI innings, he was so upset, that he got up, IN TEARS, and left. He never came back! He never saw his team pull off that amazing victory. I still remember that. Lesson to be learned. NEVER, EVER leave a cricket match until the last legal ball is bowled. Cheers. Stay in touch. Anura

  2. Satyajit says :

    I am Indian, but I like to watch West Indies, Pakistan and Sri Lanka games as they have real talents. I am sad adter Dish removed Ten Cricket. Will espn3 be taking over WI cricket to show in USA? Someone needs to show these games in USA.
    Can we please lobby to get TEN cricket back? or ask DirecTv to launch TEN cricket?

    • aguruge says :

      I am in the same boat as you. I like watching those teams too. As far as I can see TEN has gone ‘rogue’. It is trying to BUY all of Australian cricket, for 5 years, for $500,000,000. They have made that bid. The Australians, especially Kerry Packer’s Channel 9 that pioneered league-type cricket, is trying to outbid TEN. I suspect TEN hiked its franchise fees to DISH and Direct TV to pay for this crazy bid. I was told that DISH is trying to get TEN back. I think you can watch live streaming cricket on ESPN. Hope that helps. Cheers, Anura

      • Satyajit Roy says :

        but ESPN does not carry tour games from WI, Pak and Sri Lanka. For example, Ind, WI and SL tringular ODIs are starting soon. No one is going to show it in USA.

      • aguruge says :

        Hey, I know. Yet again, we are screwed. I didn’t get to see any cricket on TV for decades. Then when DISH offered the Cricket Pack I was so delighted. I immediately signed up … I think 3 years ago. I had a LOT of issues at the start. Bloody DISH didn’t provide any program information and they didn’t even understand the damn issue. I kept on trying to explain to them that it was like subscribing to HBO and then having a Program Guide that said: movie, movie, movie, movie with NO details as to what the movie was. In the end, I found an e-mail for CEO and e-mailed him. Got a call from the VP of International Programming the next day. That was slick. We eventually sorted it out though he and I went at each other hammer and tongs. Nice guy really. I still have his contact info. We had a number of issues over the years after that, like requiring a SECOND DISH! I would e-mail the CEO and then get all this frantic phone calls and e-mails. Looks like I am going to cancel DISH … though looks like Direct TV and DISH might MERGE this year! Heads up. Try contacting TEN. All the best. Cheers, Anura

  3. Jasveer says :

    TEN Cricket and TEN Australia are two different channels. Australia Cricket new tv rights has nothing to do with it.

    TEN Cricket is removed due to a carriage dispute. Currencies of Pakistan and Sri Lanka have gone up. Not good! New TV rights contracts for both are also going up. Still not good!

    ESPN3 could be getting West Indies Cricket they have rights to Caribbean tournaments and Women’s Cricket.

    Willow Cricket CEO Vijay needs more explaining to do. On his Twitter mysorepack All he talks about is college sports not revelant to Cricket.

    • aguruge says :

      This is very helpful. In the end the ICC is to blame. They are so greedy and go with the highest bidder without consider the CREDIBILITY and worthiness of the bidder. Happening with the Olympics too. Keep us informed. Thanks. Much appreciated.

    • Satyajit Roy says :

      So are you saying there is no chance to get ten cricket back? Are willow going to take over for boards ten cricket serves? Are you sure that ESPN3 will get WI cricket rights?

      • aguruge says :

        Don’t think I ever said that. I did say that Dish told me that they are still negotiating with TEN. I need to do some more checking. Saw on BBC that BIG corruption charges in India IPL. Even arrests. I have to think the TV channel might get embroiled in that. Don’t know. Haven’t dug around. Busy with other things. But tomorrow I will make some calls. Cheers. Anura

  4. satyajit says :

    ESPN3 bags exclusive telecast rights for cricket in the US
    go to
    Now you can see a lot of cricket but on internet, not on TV channel. We should try to convince ESPN to have a dedicated HD channel

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