TEN Cricket & DISH Network Appears To Be A Contract Dispute. TEN Pulled Signal From Dish Yesterday!


Anura Guruge

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As promised last night (or more like early this morning), I did call up DISH to find out about what happened to my $19.99 ‘Cricket Pack’ that went from 3-channels to ONE — overnight.

As ever I got a very nice, very helpful rep. I find that DISH does have very responsive, very motivated reps. I like them and they seem to like me. That my bill with them, with the $19.99 ‘Cricket Pack’, is around $130/month probably has something to do with it.

The Rep checked his own in-house program details. Yes, his description of the ‘Cricket Pack’ said NEO and TEN Cricket. But, he also found an ‘e-mail’ broadcast to them that told them that TEN was history — at least for now. TEN Cricket supposedly pulled the signal yesterday — most likely without too much notice.

The Rep claimed that DISH was working with TEN to get the signal back.

Sounds like a contract dispute. I, of course, don’t know the details. I suspect the ‘Cricket Pack’ wasn’t as big a money spinner for DISH as they had hoped. It was mainly targeted at Indians living in the U.S. and Indians by nature are ‘close, very close, to their dollar‘. [That is a beautiful expression I learned from Weirs Beach marina owner, the elder Mr. Thurston, who also told me that he never takes his Rolex off his wrist because the change in temperature was the biggest bug bear to those temperamental (overrated) watches.] If they can watch some cricket for free on the Internet they would opt for that, any day of the week, than paying a ‘Rupee’ to watch it on a TV. Well, I am not Indian. Watching cricket on a computer does not hold any appeal for me, though I do have a 27″ HD monitor.

The Rep, after making some calls, gave me a 6 month discount. But, I cancelled the ‘Cricket Pack’ anyway. As I said in my earlier post I have 2 months worth of cricket already recorded and bloody Willow is not showing the ‘ICC Champions Trophy’. A pox on them all. But, I am still getting my 6 months discount. The Rep insisted! I told you, they like me.

I am sure both sides are to blame in this sorry mess.

I also established that I am well clear of any DISH contacts. Last night (and by that I mean 1 am this morning) I started checking out Direct TV. I already had one online chat with Direct TV. They, at least of now, carry TEN. The Champions Trophy is on TEN. Yes, I could have Direct TV by June 6. So watch this space.

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One response to “TEN Cricket & DISH Network Appears To Be A Contract Dispute. TEN Pulled Signal From Dish Yesterday!”

  1. Den says :

    They are still showing the promo on Zee TV, this channel is also removed from DISHWorld. And forget Direct TV they have nothing but disapointing

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