NEO Cricket Channel No Longer Available On DISH Network. No Great Loss. But, They Owe Us A Price Reduction.


Anura Guruge

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When I noticed in early April that the NEO channel on DISH (#713) was showing the same exact programming as that of Willow (#712), I immediately knew that something was up — and that it wasn’t going to be good.

I was never a fan of NEO. They had no idea, whatsoever, of how to cover cricket and their programming was for Indian kids. I never watched it. I only watch Willow and Ten Cricket. So, losing NEO was not of consequence to me — other than on principle. I was paying for 3 cricket channels and DISH as such owed me 3 channels. I called up and got quite a good deal from them for 3 months. I won’t divulge what the deal was because I don;t want to get anybody in trouble. But, I hung up the phone with a smile on my face.

I now see that NEO is going away and to me it is GRBR. But, I am still paying for 3 channels, though DISH is now going to claim that they are giving me Willow in HD. I can counter that I pay for lifetime HD with DISH and that all my channels should be in HD. To be honest I have yet to see a marked improvement in picture quality on Willion (and, yes, I have a very good, 47″ Philips HD set that displays vivid HD if it is properly transmitted).

I am not impressed with the way that Willow and Ten Cricket are run. That they cannot provide meaningful programming information is puerile. I can’t find much information about either company but I have a feeling that they are predominantly Indian run. To me, that is the problem. They could do with some non-Indian management to stop them from being so complacent and lackadaisical. One of these I will really tell you what I feel about these two channels — and remember I do watch at least 45 minutes of cricket a day, rain or shine. So I do have lots of hands on experience with these two channels.

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4 responses to “NEO Cricket Channel No Longer Available On DISH Network. No Great Loss. But, They Owe Us A Price Reduction.”

  1. Vijay says :

    Hey Anura, as of May 29/2013, Ten cricket is not available on Dish. Better call Dish ASAP.

    • aguruge says :

      Wow.That is TODAY. I haven’t checked. My usual pattern is I hit TEN and Willow about twice a week and record a whole bunch of programs. Then I watch the recorded stuff. I right now have about 100 hours! I sure will get onto Dish. I noticed that Direct TV ONLY offers Willow. So this going to be the same with Dish. Just Willow. They will have to give me one heck of a discount. THANKS.

  2. moteek says :

    so dish has terminated NEO and Ten cricket as of one week back. They dont believe they will be bringing these channels back onboard. Today, when I went to my dish account to check, they were still charging me ($19.xx) for the 3 channel package. I called them to ask abt it and was told that my monthly charge was automatically downgraded to 1 channel, which obviously was not the case. Anywayz, they downgraded me today to $14.xx for 1 channel (willow) instead of $19.xx for 3 channels. Plus they will credit me a pro-rated $4.xx for the previous 1 week where i only had one channel. While my monthly charge has been taken care of, I am now mulling if I shud continue with $14.xx for one channel (willow) or look for other alternatives.

    • aguruge says :

      I have to say I feel bad for YOU! I won’t even hint as to what I got from DISH! But, before we even go there lets try and establish one thing which might be the key to the treatment you received vs. what I got. Are YOU still under contract with DISH, i.e., less than 2 years with them? I have been with them 3 and they know I can ditch them anytime, which I plan to do. Sorry to hear what happened to you. ALL the best. Anura

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