‘The Braysider’, Shamelessly Stays Silent On A Second Alton Central School Board Meeting, This Time The One May 13, 2013.




Anura Guruge

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This is the second time that they have decided to keep the Alton residents in the dark when it comes to what happens at School Board meetings.

This as we now know is not an accident. It is all part of the game plan and ‘The Braysider’, as the official School newspaper, will do all they can to make sure that most Alton residents only get to hear one of the story.

It is OK. Those that matter are either at the meeting or have their sources. Yes, I am trying to do my small part though covering School Board meetings is not something that excites me.

The only way to get ‘The Braysider’ to tow the line is to hit in the ONE PLACE they care. Their fat bank account.

Has anybody here seen ‘The Braysider’ ever sponsoring any Alton-related event. Essentially putting some of its lucre back into the community.

As far as I can see, and I haven’t done that much research, I am not even sure that they pay any NH tax! I think all the money they collect goes out of the State. So much for being a community newspaper.

I do need to talk to some in the Alton business community. Maybe we do have a way of rectifying this.


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