Our ‘Emmi-Dent’ Truly ‘Ultrasonic’ Toothbrush With Nano-Technology Toothpaste.



 ..by Anura Guruge

Long term readers of this blog may recall that I did mention in mid-January that we were in the market for a ‘Emmi-Dent‘ toothbrush given that our second high-end ‘ultrasonic‘, in this instance a Philips, had bitten the dust.

The Emmi-Dent is the only toothbrush that I can find that is truly ultrasonic, i.e., it generates bona fide ultrasonic waves to breakthrough plaque, stains and other oral crud. Other toothbrushes, including the Philips, that claim to be ‘ultrasonic’ are not really ultrasonic! They just vibrate at high speeds which enable them to make that misleading claim. I had known about that deception for years, but was foiled in being able to find a true ultrasonic. A few years ago there was a $400 model but it had, for what I guess are obvious reasons, gone bust.

We got an Emmi-Dent about 2.5 months ago. 

Deanna loves it, unconditionally. She went to the dentist for cleaning and check up recently and was even told that her teeth are in good shape. Deanna uses it for about 5 minutes a day, across (at least) two ‘brushings’.

I, alas, am not convinced. U.S. dentist hate my teeth. When I go to the ‘dentist’ I don’t even get a visit by the dentist. The hygienist just cleans my teeth and I get charged a small fortune. Since the dentist poking his/her head into ask if everything is ‘OK’ adds another $40 to the bill, I am glad that they leave me alone. The problem is that I have teeth like a horse. As a dentist in Lowell, MA told in the 1980s, “I will never make any money off your teeth”. I also kind of look after my teeth, albeit not with the same dedication and effort as does Deanna. Though I watch TV or read a magazine while I brush, 2 minutes is tops for me.

My problem is my daily, unvarying diet of two cups (at least) of coffee (sometimes black), one (rather large) glass of diluted red wine and (at least) two cups of tea (one, always caffeinated  black Ceylon tea). So I always sport a healthy patina of stain across my teeth. The Emmi-Dent is supposed to be a champ at removing such stains. I am not convinced. I still have stains and I can’t honestly say that the Emmi-Dent has minimized them.

I have another problem. With the Emmi-Dent you do NOT brush. You hold the brush against your teeth and let the ultrasonic waves and the nano-bubbles from the toothpaste do their magic. I am not convinced that this works. I filled up the sink and put the toothbrush under the water to see if I could detect the waves. Nada.

There are certain bodily functions in which I like friction. Brushing my teeth is one of them. Coincidentally or otherwise I noticed that my gums, atypically, were getting irritated. I didn’t have to go to the dentist and fork over $220 to know what was causing this. I knew my gums were missing their friction-based stimulation. Easy enough to fix. We have a stash of toothbrushes — most of them given to us by the dentist’s office. So I started using a regular toothbrush BEFORE I used the Emmi-Dent. Gums, as I suspected, were cured in days.

I just ordered two tubes of the mandatory toothpaste. It is not a cheap hobby given that they charge $5 for shipping and it is effectively a monopoly, in that it all comes, in the end, from the same U.S. distributor. So, that is where we are. I can’t, in good faith, endorse it. Deanna will, in a heartbeat.  

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