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“Comet ISON — Quick Reference” Now Available On Amazon, Worldwide, As A $4.35 Paperback.



. Anura Guruge

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Yes, I will confess. It is becoming a BLUR even for me! I have to, nearly every day, step back for a second in my mind, to work out which book I am working on right now and what is happening to the others.

Yes, I have published 6 eBooks this year — and with this paperback, one traditional, good ol’ fashioned real, printed on paper, book.

Another real book, the paperback of the ‘Last 10 Conclaves‘ is in the work, at 85% done — and a large eBook, about an intriguing asteroid, is 80% done. Yes, I am multitasking. I work on one one day and the other the next, just to make things difficult for my brain.

I don’t like eBooks! I will never read an eBook! But, eBooks are supposedly the future and I have no choice but to do them. Now that I know how to churn them, I will admit that they are trivial to produce! And that is why I hate them. eBooks by nature and design have to have ‘no’ formatting. It is essential straight text, with some headings and a Table of Contents (and Word does that automatically for me). I resent the lack of formatting. I love painstakingly formatted printed books with tables, sidebars, embedded text boxes and lots of images.

So it was gratifying to publish a paperback — my first in 18 months.

So, of the 17 sole-author books I have 12 are available in paperback. 15 are available as eBooks. I think that is right. It gets bad when you can’t keep track of the books you have. This happened to me with my publications. I assiduously kept track of my first 250 publications — because that was my goal. I hit 250 in early 1998, after 10 years of writing like a crazy man (sometimes getting up to 7 -8 articles printed in different publications a month). Then I became lax at keeping track. Since I continued to publish till about 1997, I know that I wrote at least another 150, but I have no idea of my complete opus. Doesn’t matter. Google Books has tracked down many of them. So I am cool. They have 3,290 records for my name! Well, even I know I wasn’t that prolific, but I do get quoted by others and Google lists those too.

Check out my 1st publication in 1978. That is the genesis of those dreaded ‘type in your license code‘ software authorization schemes you encounter today with Microsoft, Adobe and others. That was my idea. But, I was working for IBM and they, quite rightly, had total rights to it. I have no regrets. 

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Click for the complete list …

‘Common Core Curriculum’ In NH Meeting By Alton State Rep. Jane Cormier Today At The Gilman Library.



. Anura Guruge

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Jane Cormier.

As I pointed out on Wednesday, I really don’t know enough about the ‘Common Core Curriculum’ to take a strong stance about it. So, I got Deanna to attend this meeting. I couldn’t make it because this is ‘Clearlakes Chorale‘ weekend and in the main it has been my job to make sure Devanee gets to all the requisite performances and practices (because the ‘Chorale’ was my idea) — and this weekend, starting last night, she has a total of four, because they are doing two concerts, one tonight and the other tomorrow.

So, Deanna went. She came back with some G-2. It was Jane’s meeting but Doris Hohensee (another State Rep or somebody who ran to be a State rep) also helped out. There was about 20 people in attendance. As far as she can tell there was NOBODY from Alton Central School (ACS) or the Alton School Board. Yes, Jane’s husband, Carlos Martinez is the new School Board member. He wasn’t there. From what she could see there was ONLY ONE ‘concerned Alton taxpayer’ in attendance — but he is a GOOD ONE. Maybe the best. So, I am happy about that.

Over the last 2 weeks I have learned, to my cost, that nobody in Alton cares about the issues that I bring to light. So, I am not going to bother. Let apathy rain, like Spring showers. As some of you may have worked out I have a bigger and better things to do. Push comes to shove I will just pay the additional property tax. So …

It does appear that there was, as was to be expected, some misinformation being touted around, with gay abandon, about the education system in South Korea. Two people are supposed to have claimed that the kids attend school till 10:30 pm at night! Well, I challenge these people, or Jane, to provide me with credible evidence of this. I found this and it says school close at 4 or 4:30 pm. Well, I attended an ‘expensive’ private school in Britain, Mill Hill, the same school that Mrs. Thatcher’s husband attended (and was the birthplace of the peerless ‘Oxford Dictionary’) and we classes 6 days a week, some of it late into the night, because sports, 3 to 3 days a week was also mandatory. I happened to be at Brewster Academy in Wolfeboro, NH this last Saturday night at 9:30 pm. I saw ‘young’ kids coming out of classes at 9:30 pm. So I guess it must be OK if it is in Brewster. Given that I had all my education in Asia or Britain, I am not one to criticize those systems especially because I managed to do ‘OK’, with the education I received, in the U.K. and in the U.S.

I happened to meet Tim Croes at the Alton dump this afternoon. We had a good chat. He is contrite. That is good. We are cool. Tim is young enough to be my son, possibly even my grandson. He knows that he let me down on a personal sense, because I had befriended him. But, it was a good chat. I am glad we spoke. I won’t bust Tim’s chops anymore. As for ‘speedy Gonzales’, 90 MPH Spaulding … who shows no contrition … That is a different matter.

Wolfeboro, NH: Cotton Valley Rail Trail In Spring, Before The Summer Crowds — A Picture Perfect Study In Tranquility.



. Anura Guruge

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The start of this amazing trail at Wolfeboro, NH.

The start of this amazing trail at Wolfeboro, NH. Click to ENLARGE. This is from Google Maps. Go to Google Maps and check out the whole trail and the bodies of water it skirts.

I am sure it is packed during the Summer. But over the last 4 weeks, on Thursday evening’s, from 7 pm to 8 pm, it has been study in harmonious, inspirational tranquility set against some of the most picturesque aquatic settings in NH’s Lake Region.

Yes, for the last 4 weeks, every Thursday evening I have been walking the trail with undisguised joy, delight and admiration. This is another NH gem. Yes, we have lots of wonderful trails and hikes, but this has to rate high among these for its stately elegance, ease of terrain, diversity of views and the near seamless integration with the surroundings.

This last Thursday, starting at 7:05 pm at the Wolfeboro Railway Station I walked up to Lake Wentworth and back. WOW. WOW NH. Per the map on the trail that was probably close to a 4 mile walk. It took me about 45 minutes. During that whole walk I saw a total of 3 people and 1 small dog on the trail and they were all right by where the trail, at Wolfeboro Falls, crosses 109/28. That was it. The rest of the time I had that trail all to myself — though I would not have had any problems sharing it with others. It is plenty big enough.

Going out all I heard was a perfectly modulated orchestra of spring peepers peeping, insects chirping and birds tweeting. It was not too invasive. It was just right as if nature played with the volume control to get it just right for the time of day and setting. As I said about the Grand Canyon, it is not like I am unaccustomed to solitude and silence. I do live on a dirt road and I do go running up Prospect Mountain Road — which is mainly unpopulated. Right now, though I have my window wide open, and I am 30′ above ground looking at a blanket of delicate Spring greens on the tops of a sea of trees. But, there are no birds tweeting or insects chirping.

So, bottom line, I strongly recommend that you add this trail to your list of favorite NH walks, IF it is not already on your list. Enjoy.

Red, 1989 Cadillac Allante For Sale In Alton, NH.



. Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE.

Click to ENLARGE.

This beauty appeared by the Alton rotary earlier this week. I have always had a soft spot for the Allanté. The asking price was not outlandish given that I knew that that would never be the final price. I checked around. The price was middling. I don’t need a car and we hardly put any miles on the two we have. Plus I am known to go for 4 to 5 days without ever getting into a car. But, I miss not having a convertible especially when Summer beckons. For 30 years, since when I was 23, I have invariably owned a convertible or a T-Top. This is the longest I have gone in my adult life without a rag top. So, Devanee and I stopped by on Tuesday and had a look. Couple of small dings on the bodywork. Radio does not seem to work. The tires are new. It started without drama. But, I didn’t drive it. I spent 40 minutes ‘discussing’ price with the owner. We even reached a workable price. I even got an insurance quote. Then I started talking to mechanics. Maybe that was a mistake. One, who does all the work on our van, said categorically: “worst U.S. car ever built. Don’t get it at any price!”. That was bummer. There was a time many, many decades ago when I did use to change the oil and even brakes on cars. Not now, though recently I replaced the battery in the van. So if I had got this I would have to rely on others to maintain it for me. So this was not a good start. Went downhill from there. Was told that parts were expensive. Basically I was told to get anything else than this car. I wasn’t thrilled, but common sense prevailed.

Then later on in struck me. They talk about people who are fatally attracted to the wrong sort of partners. Well in my case this seems to be with cars. 30 years ago, I was totally, utterly infatuated (maybe even outright in love) with the Triumph Stag. I owned a Spitfire and was reaching a point when I could afford a Stag. I now remember, not that happily, that I had these exact same conversation with folks about the Stag, except then there was even family chipping in. Told that it was the worst car ever. And I really don’t deal well with unreliable cars, boats or computers. So, it is kind of important that I get cars that work 99.5% of the time. I still remember being told about the Stag: “If you really want to get one, get one but get somebody to put in a new 3L Ford engine into it”. That sounded way too much like hard work. So I never got a Stag. Instead went and bought a TR7. That TR7 served me well. So, I am in a bind. I have a feeling that I might just end up buying the next, reasonably price British convertible I see.

But, I want to pass the word out on this Allanté. It could be a good buy for somebody who can do some of the work on it. You shouldn’t have any problem finding it. It is on Rte 28 just before (or after) the rotary (depending where you are coming from (or going)). 

The captivatingly gorgeous Triumph Stag.

Found this picture of a silver Tr7 on the Web. This one must have been a twin. Mine was silver too, the 3rd but last TR7 built. This car and mine were probably the same year since my registration was MGM 327X — where the year ‘X’ happened to be the year. The reason I remember that registration, the only one I remember, because it just happened to be significant. 327X was an IBM terminal family and much of my life revolved around that terminal family one way or another.

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