My 20-Year Old Son Starts Blogging … And Does So About ‘Language’, In Particular ‘English’, Books, Publishing & Criticism.



. Anura Guruge

Click to read ... and it is worth reading.

Click to read … and it is worth reading.

I did not know that he had started blogging. Deanna found it.

Matthew is studying English at Wheaton (MA). So he is into this stuff.

He is very much, with no margin whatsoever for doubt, my son. Kind of scary. The only major difference is that he is a few orders of magnitude smarter than I, and I have noticed of late that this kind of embarrases him, though it shouldn’t. 

Just under a year ago, realizing that he has an intellect than enables him to leap over large quantities of knowledge with consummate ease, and that he had mastered chess to a very high degree, I told him that he should start looking into financial investing. Over the next 4 months he was constantly calling me up to ‘pick my brains’ — the only advantage that possessed being that I had been trying to be an investor, with dismal success, for three decades. Then Matthew was off. As I had suspected he just crunched through facts, data, trends, principles, theories like there was no tomorrow. To me, as the father, it is pretty amazing to watch. Of course, I am delighted. Yes, the stock market has been very kind to him in that it has been all bull, bull, bull since he started. But, he is beating the market with consummate ease ONCE he got into his stride. He is making all the right calls, picking the IPO winners. He is studying English because he intends to be a lawyer. But, I see his future in hedge funds. He probably should set up his own hedge fund in the next 5 years.

So watch this space …

The brilliant Gordon.

P.S.: He is Matthew Gordon Guruge. I am NOT into middle names, though I was, when born saddled with a few. Just feel that with ‘Guruge’ as your last name you don’t really need any qualifiers. But, my first son HAD to be named ‘Gordon‘! That was a ‘promise’ I had made to myself, though at the time I made that ‘promise’ I am not sure whether I ever thought I would have kids! I was not ready for kids till I was in my early 30s. I was having way too much fun. So why ‘Gordon’? I think I would still have to say that when it comes to men, no other man has given me as much palpable pleasure as ‘Gordon’ — Cuthbert Gordon Greenidge, Hampshire, Barbados and West Indies. Gordon played for Hampshire when I lived in Hampshire. In my early days Gordon opened the batting with Barry Richards! I saw Barry score a century before lunch one glorious Saturday morning with Gordon at the other end. We then found out that lunch that Barry’s mother was visiting from South Africa and that this was Barry’s treat for her. But, I have seen more brilliant innings from Gordon. And such a nice guy. Always a smile. I didn’t know him that well. He knew me by sight. I would sometimes see him in the shops. We would chat. Yes, Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards, no relative to Barry, was a close second. He played for Somerset and though I would sometimes go and watch Somerset, I never saw as much of him as I did of Gordon. But, I was shouted down when I wanted to name him ‘G.G.’ — Gordon Guruge. Somebody, a Catholic, even had the gall to tell me that it sounded too Jewish (as if that was a problem)! But … And ‘NO’, ‘Matthew’ is not a Biblical reference. The ‘Matthew’ in his name comes from what used to be one of my favorite groups when I was young (and for the longest time I drank that sweet bourbon because of the association).

IF you have NEVER heard ‘Woodstock’ by THEM, you have to. Just click for the YouTube clip.

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