Just Noticed On Google News That I Am Quoted In Portuguese In A Brazilian Newspaper.



 ..by Anura Guruge

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I had actually found that article about my Comet ISON books in the Nashua, NH, ‘The Telegraph’, when I was perusing through Google News looking for new news stories about ISON. I had done the interview a couple of weeks ago and no longer have the time to keep track of whether or when these eventually appear as stories. I then realized I should do a Google News search on ‘Guruge’ to see what else is being said about me. I don’t do this as often as I should. I hadn’t done it in months. During the pope transition I was more diligent since I was getting quoted all over the place. I then happened to notice this snippet. Cracked me up. It was in Portuguese.


So I clicked on it to get the article. It was published in Brazil.


I have to say I sound good in Portuguese. What I am saying is, and this is taken from the book: The Vatican is in crisis again. But this situation is nothing close to other problems that the Church has faced in the past. The crisis will be overcome, and many more to come“.

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One response to “Just Noticed On Google News That I Am Quoted In Portuguese In A Brazilian Newspaper.”

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