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A New Oxymoron: ‘George W. Bush Library’.


by Anura Guruge

Simply stated an ‘oxymoron‘ is a combination of words that don’t really go together in one sentence. Some classic examples include: ‘army intelligence‘, ‘almost pregnant‘, ‘demilitarized zone‘ etc. You can find a fairly large list here.

Well, I think even his mother (whose picture (honest) has pride of place in our house (but maybe because whose sitting on her lap) would admit that a library is not something that you would normally associate with the ‘Shrub’ — though, of course, I know that his long suffering wife trained to be a librarian. Conan O’Brien, speaking at the ‘White House Correspondents’ Dinner‘ on Saturday night, had this to say: “the new facility has hundreds of documents from the Bush-era, and if you go you can be the first to read them“. Boom, boom. Letterman was more blunt: “The Bush Presidential Library is beautiful, and they have a huge section devoted to weapons of mass destruction, but nobody can find it”.

The sad thing is and I often cringe about this, is that I used to be a staunch supporter of him. I desperately wanted him to win in 2000 and sat in front of my TV, day in and day out, sacrificing my then very lucrative high-tech consulting practice, rooting for him to beat Gore — by any means, legal or otherwise.

I have to grant that he did wrought a miracle when it came to me. I used to be a rabid, ‘to-the-right-of-Margaret-Thatcher‘, ‘Reagan-worshipping‘, conservative. Bush turned me into the Obamaite democrat that I now am. Just for that I am grateful to the ‘shrub’.

It is interesting that the family also realized that it would be embarrassing to have a library associated with the man best described as ‘lacking any intellectual curiosity’. So, they actually do NOT call it a library. Notice, no mention of the word library or books! I rest my case.

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Anura Guruge

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Not sure why St. George is portrayed with a noticeable grimace. Are they trying to take the mickey? St. George is normally shown calm and composed as he does battle. Click to access the Doodle in Google’s archive.

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Click to access Google’s Doodle archive.

Typical depiction of St. George, this one by the incomparable Italian Renaissance Master, Raphael, now at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

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