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Alton Central School (ACS): Suddenly, Post Bond Failure, Heating Oil Delivery To School Becomes An Issue. A Coincidence?



. Anura Guruge

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It appears that the ‘State’ (whatever that implies) has mandated, in the last ‘few’ weeks, that heating oil can no longer be delivered to ACS by a large, commercial fuel truck. Why, because the big truck can’t get close enough to the filler and as such has to use two hoses. So …

The heating oil has to be delivered by smaller trucks, the type used to make residential deliveries. Moreover, a fire truck with personnel needs to be present while the oil is being delivered. [Maybe I didn’t make this clear enough. They are now delivering the heating oil via smaller trucks BUT a fire truck is required to be there. So, it is not one or the other; i.e., smaller trucks or fire truck presence. It is both.]

Seems incongruous, to say the least.  Why this new requirement now? Hasn’t the school been getting heating oil delivered, the same way, for decades? What changed? What happened?

If this is due to one of the many recent inspections, for example the one from DoL that found many violations, I am delighted – BUT, at the same time want to know why it has taken this long to spot this apparent violation.

Not really sure why using two pipes is considered a ‘no-no’. Wouldn’t it have just been simpler to say that oil can only be delivered at weekends with fire department presence. Of course any pipe can leak. If it is about fumes, fumes can escape from both ends of a single pipe. So, not sure why they are obsessing about coupling together two pipes.

Yes, I am trying to get to the bottom of it.

So, how did I find out about this? We went to the ‘art showcase’ at ACS on Wednesday — after school. We got there around 5:30 pm and there was an Alton fire truck and at least 4 ‘uniformed’ personnel. I, giving all the benefit of the doubt, assumed that this was just to add a bit more spice to the showcase, though I know that the kids get plenty of opportunity, at other times, to get to know the Alton Fire Department.

When we got home Deanna saw on the ACS Facebook page that somebody was asking why there had been a fire truck in front of ACS ‘all day’ Tuesday’ and ‘Wednesday’ — possibly wondering if there was a connection with the tragic events in Boston. [My first reaction was, why fire truck rather than police?] The response on Facebook to this inquiry further puzzled me. The person who asked the question was told to contact the SAU Office.

Well, I didn’t want to bother the SAU. Instead I called a friend who has lived in Alton for 70 years and knows everybody who is an anybody in town. He just made one phone call to a buddy and got back to me with what I am telling you above. I still had a few more questions and he is working on getting those answered for me.

This is just a heads up. No big deal. But, I like to keep these things straight.

Talking about these inspections and violations, I have yet to see any official statement by the school or the School Board.

Somebody has to be held accountable. No, they can’t sweep it under the carpet.

I have the report, which is a public domain document. I can make it available to anybody that is interested.

I Publish My Second Book On Comet ISON, Hopefully The Comet Of The Century, This Time A ‘Quick Reference’ For Busy Folks.



Anura Guruge

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As I was writing the the first book on ISON I realized that it was too detailed for today’s always in a hurry, habitually time-challenged folks. I was, however, not going to carve up the first book because somebody will find all that detail useful. But, I knew I had to do a Reader’s Digest ‘condensed book’ version of it. So, that is what this 2nd Comet ISON book is about: a cut-to-the-chase, mainly in bullet-point form, Quick Reference for busy people.

It was also designed to be as conducive as possible for mobile device small screen perusal. As such it is like an APP for Comet ISON. Keep it tucked away inside a smart phone (e.g., iPhone or Android) or a pad and whip it out anytime one wants information about ISON, such as dates, times, speeds etc.

My very artistic sister-in-law, Leanne Davis Caires did the original artwork for the cover. As far as I know this is the FIRST ISON specific artwork — and it is for sale. Check out Leanne’s Etsy craft store.

Remember Kindle reader apps are available for ALL devices, including PCs.
See below.

New, Quick Reference book. Click to access Amazon description and Look Inside.

New, Quick Reference book. Click to access Amazon description and Look Inside.

Click to access book description at

Click to access book description at



Click to get FREE Kindle reading APP from Amazon for whatever device you have whether it be iAnything, PC, Android, Palm etc. etc.

Click to get FREE Kindle reading APP from Amazon for whatever device you have whether it be iAnything, PC, Android, Palm etc. etc.

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