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Bings Backgrounds Post April Fool’s Day Fun. Eye Catching But Not That Compelling. Nowhere Near As Clever As Google Doodles Such As Euler Animated.


Anura Guruge

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Bing’s Backgrounds for April 2013.

Click to access Bing background archives.

Click to access Bing background archives.

Notice they do different US & UK backgrounds but they duplicate them — e.g. today’s spiral staircase background in the US was yesterday’s from the UK.

As I had suspected they are finding it hard to be compelling and topical now that  April Fool’s is past.


We Definitely Need These In NH Lakes Region. 45 mph On Water & Land. I Would Love One …. Way Out Of My League.

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Click … You will not regret it.

Not sure of the legality of the ATV aspect in NH. Never owned an ATV so not sure what the laws are. But, I sure know places in NH that you could drive an ATV and then go straight into a lake.

One of my many unfulfilled dreams, this albeit from the era when many of us had more money than sense, was to create an amphibious SUV – and please remember gas was ~$1 gallon then. I came up with some designs. My goal was to have a SUV that you could drive up to Glendale Docks in Guilford with your groceries and then go straight into the lake to your place on an island. Remember, I had a boat-based take out delivery business in those days — Waiters On Water (WoW). That is why I still own

These puppies are around $40,000. That is bagatelle for many around here. So I can definitely see them around this Summer. No dealers as yet in NH — and yes, I did, for a second, think about becoming a Quadski Dealer. 

Check it out.

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