Today April 13 Is Sinhalese ‘Old Year’ (& My Maternal Grandmother’s Birthday). Tomorrow, April 14 Is ‘New Year’.



. Anura Guruge


Well, it is finally here. ‘Old Year’. Sri Lankans try and get in a bath today, whether they need it or not. I am good. I took a shower.

To be honest, since I have not been in Ceylon to celebrate this since 1967 (when I was 13), I can’t remember or work out all the arcane timings and rituals that go with it. It is all determined by astrologers per auspicious hours. There is even a time at which kids are supposed to do some studying to make sure that studies will feature in their coming year. I remember that part. One year, and I was probably around 10, I was asked the square root of ‘100’.

Here is the Press Release from Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation. Checkout the blatant propaganda. The joys of state run broadcasting. I had forgotten what it was like.

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