NEO Cricket Channel On DISH Network Gets A 5 – 6 Week Sabbatical Till Mid-May 2013. Same Willow Cricket On Both Channels 712 & 713.


Anura Guruge

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I hadn’t checked my three 24×7 cricket channels on DISH for a ‘few’ days now. OK, maybe even a week. I still have in excess of 80 hours recorded and since I, at most, only get to watch 45 minutes a day, it is going to take me 3 months just to watch what I have now. Plus, I am running out of room.

But today I idly checked the schedule and noticed that NEO was missing — not that I really cared because I rarely if ever watch any cricket on NEO. Noticed that Willow was being shown on both channels 712 & 713. Eaxact same programming. So it was just the principle of things. I am paying my $19.99/month for 3 channels, not 2. So, I called up DISH.

They told me the news. We sorted things out very amicably. DISH tends to be good to me, as you would expect given my monthly bill. I was happy and they were happy that I was happy.

So NO NEO till mid-May. Not that I care. Not really sure who watched NEO. It is not a credible cricket channel. To me it is like MTV with cricket videos.

I think, I am not sure, that it is the IPL. Something else that I don’t watch. Has zero appeal to me. I am still warming up to T20. Have seen a few decent T20s. I will typically record a T20 if WI, Ind. or Pak is playing. Yes, I don’t typically watch SL playing T20. Actually, of late, I haven’t watched much SL at all! Back to my longtime obsession with WI. They are getting better and with that, I find them, as ever, compelling.

So the bottom line is that if you notice that NEO is missing on DISH, do not panic. 

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