BIG Thumbs Up For Friendly’s On Loudon Road, Concord, NH. Always A Fun Place.


Anura Guruge

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>>Concord … —
>>March 24, 2013.

So, after ‘Krazy Kids‘ it was, per what was promised on the invitation, off to “Friendly’s” on Loudon Road, Concord, NH.

We started going to Friendly’s, mainly the one on Loudon Road, around Christmas 2011. Deanna is not a great fan of buffetsfriendleysso the ‘Red Apple’, which had been the perennial choice prior to that, was falling out of favor. The two kids will live on ice cream so Friendly’s with their reasonably priced menu options for kids seemed the obvious choice — especially since we invariably go up and down Loudon Road whenever we are in Concord — which is quite often.

Friendly’s hooked me in, in the nicest possible way, with the gift card promotions they were having at the time. You could get a $25 gift card for $20 — and I think they had a few other promotions. But I ended up with a bunch of discounted gift cards — and I would buy another each time I used one, provided it was $20 for a $25. If I had gift cards we would obviously go there so that I could use them. Very clever.

We like the menu. You can actually get some healthy choices.

The folks are always very nice. It is always a fun, uplifting, cheery place. I like that.

Teischan did not want an ice cream cake! Yes, she can be strange like that. Instead she wanted a chocolate cake baked by Deanna.

Deanna called up to find out whether it would be an issue if we brought our own cake. They said ‘No’. I was impressed.

Of the two kids that came to ‘Krazy Kids’ one got picked up at there, by her father, as she was going to Boston for the night.

So we were down to one guest.

Friendly’s was very welcoming. No problem with the cake. They even offered plates through Deanna had brought her own.

They did the Friendly’s Birthday Chant — which was very good. They provided balloons.

I had a salad. Everybody else had ice cream and cake.

It was very reasonable. I was happy.

Thank you. Nice job. We will be back soon.

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