After Their Outstanding Help Last Monday, I Am Delighted to See GoDaddy Getting Lots Of Publicity. Go, GoDaddy.


Anura Guruge

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Go, GoDaddy.

I am not a NASCAR person and Danica Patrick, I think, is young enough to be my grand-daughter. I grew up on F1. Used to watch F1 on BBC-2 every Sunday afternoon in the Winter. They had 1 hour of skiing followed by 1 hour of F1 highlights. Next to cricket what more could you ask for.

But, I am glad that the GoDaddy car and driver are in pole position (and I will refrain from any jokes because Deanna will shout at me). Go, GoDaddy. I am glad.

As I have said before GoDaddy and I go back a long time.

How they pulled all the stops out for me last Monday was exceptional. I am grateful. So, I am rooting for Danica.

Of course, as a news junkie, I have seen NASCAR and of course, I love the crashes. Isn’t that why people watch NASCAR. Yes, I do know a bit about Danica. Deanna asked me about her last night. My pithy remark was that next Saturday she will have traffic to contend with. Wonder what the betting is?

But, for now, lets rejoice. Go, GoDaddy: Go.

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