My New Ozeri Gen II (ZB011) Digital Bath Scale With BIA-Based Body Fat Calculation; I Love It.


Anura Guruge

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My Ozeri Gen II on our bathroom floor.

My Ozeri Gen II on our bathroom floor.

As I talked about in my earlier post I ordered this digital scale because the old, analog one we had was obviously wrong. We have since worked out that it was about 6 – 8 pounds out! Then I remembered. I had bought it because I liked what it read.

We have had the Ozeri for about 2 weeks. I love it, though it tells me, daily, that I am heavier than I would like to be. It is uncompromising and with its decimal readings you don’t get to round up or down. It is as it says.

But, indubitably, the best $21 I have spent in a very long time — since Amazon still gave me free shipping even though it was under $25, and for a change, I wasn’t ordering anything else.

It is $39.95 on Amazon today. Not sure how I got it for $21. It was on sale for $29 that day.

As I had suspected it does ask you to enter your age, height and target weight. It uses that to identify you, it being able to identify 4 separate people based on the target weight specified.

My 21.2% body fat ratio from few days ago. I think it might have gone dowin since.

My 21.2% body fat ratio from few days ago. I think it might have gone dowin since.

That you enter your height means that it can work out your body fat, or Body Mass Index (BMI), by just dividing your weight in pounds by your height in inches. But, it insists that it does not and instead does so by measuring your Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). I was skeptical, and as a professional cynic, I still am. But, from day one it insisted that my Body Fat Ratio as it calls it was good. I was impressed. For my advanced age, according to its handbook, my Body Fat Ratio should be in the 11 to 22 range to be ‘Healthy’. 22 – 28 is overweight and 28-80 is obese. When I turn 60 in a few months I can have a 13-25 range and still be in healthy.

Day one it had me a tad over 22. I was cool. I knew I was overweight. But, as I started to lose weight it came down. In a few days I was down below 22. But, per this scale it was impossible to shed even a pound. I went for about 4 days at the same weight. Then slowly it started to agree that I was losing weight. The decimal readings are unforgiving. So, if I am 182.3, I am 182.3. Not 182 and I can go at 182.3 for 3 days. But it is also scarily precise. On Saturday after I had been shoveling snow for 90 minutes I weighted myself. I had not drunk or eaten anything since I had weighed myself before going out to shovel. It said I had lost 2.25 pounds! That is just dehydration.

Love the scale. It is a work of art too. So far so good. I will get myself properly weighted again soon as I can get a feel as to its readings.

I will keep you posted.

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