Distressed To Hear That NH Executive Council Dean, Ray Burton, Has (Treatable) Kidney Cancer. I Wish Him A Speedy Recovery.


Anura Guruge

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Ray and I may be poles apart of certain issues, but I have always liked him — ever since the day, probably 14 years ago, he came up to me, I think at Sandwich Fair and shook my hand. He is one of those politicians that always comes across as being above petty party dogma and is always thinking about what is good for his constituents. I invariably find that Ray is the bastion of common sense, e.g., his support for casino gambling. [Our Steve Miller reminds me of Ray and I hope that Steve will consider running for a State office.] He strikes me as somebody that you could always go to, irrespective of political affiliations, if you needed help. There was a time in the late 1990s when I was a core member of a ultra-elite Meredith Republican cabal. We used to meet once a month, on the first Thursday of the month for dinner at a member’s house. One of the most senior state officials was a member. Suffice to say that this group, which had housed Regan during his NH primary, knew Ray Burton extremely well. I would her tales about Ray and his exploits. I kind of learned that Ray has an ‘open-house’ weekend party at his spread in Bath, I think in the Spring. As far as I can remember anybody could go. I have never gone. If Ray has it this year I might make the effort.

Ray is expected to recover. Which is good. NH needs Ray. So lets wish him all the best.

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