Blizzard Of 2013: Update From Alton, New Hampshire, Saturday: We Are FREE! We Are Free. We Shoveled Ourselves Out.


Anura Guruge

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11:40 am when I got to the top of the drive. Much of this is what the Town plow leaves behind when it plows the road. This is always the hardest part.

Head down shoveling. I get into a rhythm and keep on going. Devanee helps. She is good.

40 minutes of shoveling with Devanee’s help and we can see light at the end of the tunnel.

12:50 pm and we blast through onto the road. I am driving. We didn’t have to go anywhere. This is just liberation. Devanee and I drove around for fun.

Mission accomplished. About 70 minutes of concerted, nonstop shoveling with HELP. The rest can wait. Tomorrow the Sun will help.

After any snow storm I have but one initial goal. Make sure that at least one of the vehicles can get out. A safety thing, plus I am claustrophobic. Lot of snow by the road, thanks to the Town trucks. But, it was light. I pick my snow shovels with the same care that Test batsman pick their bats. It has to have the right balance, heft and weight. I only use very light shovels. I buy 3 of the same each year from Home Depot, checking each for balance. Then it is heads down, dig, lift, rotate, throw. I enjoy the effort. I like to feel the muscles and tendons stretching. Shoveling is easier than my ‘daily’ run up the hill — because I wear weights when I run. So, to me, this is FUN. As many know, I have never, ever, admitted to being normal. To me, to be normal, would be so boring and cliche.

Well we are out. We didn’t need to get out. We had enough food, wine and dog food for 3 weeks. Maybe just two weeks of supplies for the bunnies but you can feed them my salad stuff. So getting out wasn’t a necessity. Just a goal. So, that was our blizzard. Devanee and I will shovel the mailbox out tomorrow. No mail today or tomorrow. The above 32°F temperatures will help a bit. Actually quite a bit. When I am out there for an hour or more and the temps are around 36 (or more) you can see the snow going down.

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One response to “Blizzard Of 2013: Update From Alton, New Hampshire, Saturday: We Are FREE! We Are Free. We Shoveled Ourselves Out.”

  1. Peter Bastable says :

    You should try cleaning up after an Australian river flood, trees have to be dumped back in the river plus all the debris for about 100 metres and washing out amud filled boat shed is also tough. And, older than you.
    Mine was pickup or lift, drag and throw or pull into river (8 hours). You wouldn’t see a Test bowler being able to do that as they would be rubbing the wood against their white pants in order to get a better shine.

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