Blizzard Of 2013: Update From Alton, New Hampshire, Saturday Morning. 29″ Of Snow On Steps. PSNH & TDS Up (Thank YOU).


Anura Guruge

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It is pretty spectacular. It is 10:31 am and it is still snowing. So that is more than 28 hours of continuous snowing. The wind, however, at least for now, has dropped. I was forced to work till 1:10 am this morning. A few readers on my pope blog had been bugging me for 36 hours to post some pictures of post. So at 12:10, after I finished writing some much needed paragraphs on my book, I started working on that post. It is actually quite interesting. A series we are doing of photographs of multiple ‘popes’ together, i.e., a pope with one or more of his successors. The wind was howling. Though we have modern, insulated, plastic windows, they were getting rattled. Then just around 1 am I could feel the wind drop. Soon it was calm. When I went downstairs I opened the door and checked. The wind had died down. I was glad. But, I still expected to lose power and Internet during the night. Not so. I even checked my dedicated bandwidth. I am getting my usual 14.5 Mbps download and 3.5 Mbps upload. Deanna hasn’t complained so I assume her connection is good too, though I haven’t checked its bandwidth. [Yes, we get two separate TDS fiber feeds to the house.]

So far, so good I think. 4′ to 5′ drifts. The mailbox has snow up to the box — the work of the plow. The snow is winding down as they had predicted. I plan to go out in an hour and do 3 hours of shoveling. That will be my exercise for the day. Much to Deanna’s chagrin I am losing weight with my new low-carb regime. Love the new digital, BMI display scales. I took some pictures of it the other day. I have to do a post on it.

Click to ENLARGE.

The snowdrift that greeted Teischan and the dogs when Deanna opened the garage door this morning. Probably close to 4′.

Front door when I opened it at 10 am this morning. I measured it 29″. Given we had shoveled at least 1″ off it yesterday, we are talking 30″.

Our covered deck. This has a roof and mesh screens. So this is all the snow that blew in through the screens. I take down my wooden Ceylon devil masks in the Winter. They would not have liked this weather.

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