Is Al Gore Gay? I Just Got Back From Seeing Him In Concord.


Anura Guruge

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>> Al Gore In Concord, NH, February 6 — Feb. 5, 2013.

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Yes, yes, yes. I know he was married to Tipper. Yes, I saw THE KISS. But, Tipper is history and per a very quick Google he is ‘single’, living, supposedly, alone in his 10,000 sq. foot mansion. Hhhhmmm.

I saw him this afternoon in Concord. I was probably 15′ away. He looks alright. Bloated, beer gut, but still very good looking. Better than I would ever look at his age.

Don’t know why I got the vibes. But, I am fairly good at picking those up. I have no issue with it. Totally his prerogative.

What else made me think about it. He is SINGLE. He is famous. He is filthy rich. But, he wasn’t surrounded by a bevvy of female staff. Come on, he was Bill’s V.P., and I remember his revulsion about Monica. Hhhhmm. Yes, Deanna will tell me off, and say that all men are not like me and that they won’t rush off and get binders of women. I don’t know. I know how most men act.

Just wondering. I wonder about these things. Crosses my mind.

If he is gay and has kept it quiet for all these years that might explain why he sometimes comes across as conflicted and even tortured. I hope he works it all out.

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