Alton, NH, Upcoming Deliberative Sessions — They Should Start With This, Straight After The Pledge.


Anura Guruge

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I could, as ever, be wrong, but it might NOT be a bad idea to play this little clip before each of the deliberative sessions, just to set the right pitch for the proceedings.


Click to access ‘YouTube’ clip. Many more to chose from. I will even lend you Devanee’s DVD.

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2 responses to “Alton, NH, Upcoming Deliberative Sessions — They Should Start With This, Straight After The Pledge.”

  1. steve m says :

    right on point had a great laugh-saw zero mostel do fiddler on broadway in 1969 laughed harder this time

    • aguruge says :

      You are a lucky man to have seen Zero Mostel live. Wow. I saw the movie when it came out in the 70s. Loved it. Have seen it many, many times. Deanna and I saw the ‘new’ Fiddler production on Broadway in 2005. We saw 3 shows in 3 nights: The Produces, Fiddler and Bollywood. The kids discovered the Fiddler recently they love it. So much so I had to get them the DVD.
      Steve, I really think that come tomorrow, when they start talking $18.6 Million you should just hum: “Yubby dibby dibby dibby …”.
      I git my fingers crossed. I wish I could do more. Crazy busy with a FIXED deadline. Even now, I am writing.
      Thanks Steve. ALL the best tomorrow. I am sending Deanna to do battle. She is better than me. I am just a writer.
      Cheers, Anura

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