I Have Requested A ‘Google Doodle’ For Sri Lanka Independence Day, February 4.


Anura Guruge

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My latest ‘academic interest’ is Google Doodles. I remember my father lamenting in 1967 that his University (at that time), State University of NY at Buffalo (SUNYAB), was letting a student do a Ph. D. on ‘The Art of Reversing Trucks‘. Well, Google Doodles warrants as much study.

As with so many things that have ruled and defined my life, whether it be SNA, Portals, Popes or Asteroids/Comets, I serendipitously stumbled upon Doodles — just 10 days ago, around 12:40 a.m. in the morning, with the Zamboni doodle. It has transformed this blog. Check the ‘Blog Stats’ on the sidebar >>>>. We started the year at 32,600.

Anyway, I am now studying Doodles. Quickly worked out that there has never been a Doodle about Sri Lanka. So, I e-mailed them hoping to have that rectified.

Also nothing for Mrs. Bandaranaike. Told them about that too.

So, we will wait and see.

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2 responses to “I Have Requested A ‘Google Doodle’ For Sri Lanka Independence Day, February 4.”

  1. Aruna says :

    Hey, Google lent a ear to your request it seems. There’s a doodle for the independence day of Sri Lanka that has just been revealed… As a Sri Lankan, I should say thanks to you for letting them know…

    • aguruge says :

      I am delighted. It was on a whim. I really hadn’t followed Google doodles much until 3 weeks ago. I tend to work at night after the family goes to bed and I have watched 40 minutes of taped cricket. So I work from around 10:45 pm to 1 am. A few weeks ago, just after midnight I happened to see that the Google doodle had changed. I didn’t know what it was clicked on it. It was the Zamboni game. It was neat. I posted it on this blog. The rest was history. I had 1,300 hits on that one post in 24 hours! I have had over 3,000 hits on that Zamboni post. I was hooked on Doodles. That is when I realized that they had never done one for Sri Lanka. I e-mailed them. They probably Googled me. Google knows me. Just Google me. But, here is something SPECIAL. I am on Google Maps! Street view. They have me running down one of the local streets. So as I tell people, anybody can get themselves on Google Web, images, blog, chat … BUT can you get yourself on Maps. I did not even see the Google car!
      Thanks for the comment. I like your name. Same letters as me, different order. I used to work with an Arun Desai. This was at Wang, when they employed 1,000s. Americans would invariably confuse us. I would go to high level meetings, sit through for 35 minutes, before I would realize that they meant to invite Arun not Anura. Same would happen to him. He was an engineer, I was in Marketing. Big difference.
      Cheers, Anura

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