Robert Burns Birthday, January 25: Google Doodle & The Poem It Commemorates.


Anura Guruge

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As far as I can see (and usually I can see pretty far given my $3,000 bionic contact lens in my right-eye) Google has only ever done one (1) Robert/Robbie Burns doodle and that was for his birthday, January 25, in 2011.
Seems incongruous. Would appear that there had to be multiple chances to honor this great Scot, though, as the Scots will gladly and correctly point out, they don’t have a shortage of Great Men. My Scottish mentor was beyond proud of his heritage. Given we were in ‘telecom’ (as he would say), he would love to start all meetings and presentations with the question: ‘Where did the inventors of the phone, fax and television come from?‘ That said, I still think the greatest Scottish invention, not counting Scotch, Haggis and the Pipes, is Velcro — now a great NH company. I once flew to Albufeira, Portugal, for a gala ITT Sales Junket. There was about 30 of us from ITT on the plane (and it was the good job that that plane stayed afloat). The rest of the 60 or 70 passengers were tourists. So, Ian, that was his name, BIG Ian Williams, would waddle up and down the aisle (Ian, though a sportsman of great note and a lady’s man, par excellence, was huge) asking folks: ‘Can you think of ANYTHING that has been invented by a Portuguese?



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2 responses to “Robert Burns Birthday, January 25: Google Doodle & The Poem It Commemorates.”

  1. linda jack says :

    I think it is a great shame that Google has honoured someone…..often unheard of, every other day , but do nor recognise Rabbie Burns. As he is part of our great national heritage, this is very disappointing!

    • aguruge says :

      Greetings. They did do a Doodle — last year.
      Yes, you can ask why it took them that long.
      They don’t repeat Doodles. One per person or event as far as I can tell.
      So to be fair, they have done the needful. Quite a nice Doodle at that … though they had plenty of other motifs that they could have worked on.
      So am I. Seriously. I was adopted.
      Thanks. Cheers, Anura

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