Annual JTG Music Memorial Extravaganza Show at Giuseppe’s, Meredith, NH, Sunday, March 24, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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graphics-belly-dancing-749229We typically try to go to this every year, though we have missed a few due to other conflicts.

It is a definite ‘You Really Should Attend‘ event. Huge amount of fun, especially with the new, amateur belly dancers. And yes, you can stuff dollar bills (larger denominations are accepted too) into their waist band, something that Deanna tolerates given that she knows that I have been doing this with belly dancers, around the world, for 35 years. Yes, I have already asked Julie for a reservation. I hope she doesn’t disappoint.


This extraordinary musical event began after the sudden passing of Joe “Giuseppe” Gnerre Sr., in February 1995. Friend of the family, and local musician Peter Brunette, who hosted Giuseppe’s “Open Stage”, secretly organized more than 50 musicians to come play tribute to Joe by offering their performances. It was an amazing night of great music and emotional support from the musicians, family and friends gathered.

A mysterious black hat was passed around, which by the evening’s end, collected about $350. After pondering what to do with the money, the family decided to start the Music Scholarship in Joe’s name to commemorate his life.

A 'mural' from past events.

A ‘mural’ from past events.

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