Wolfeboro, NH, ‘First Night’ Celebrations 2013: A Quick Appraisal. It Was Fun. A Curate’s Egg.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

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It was fun. Great value for $7.
Just the ‘Blues Brothers the Next Generation’
was well worth three times that.

So the rest was gravy. Thank YOU.

The incomparable, HUGELY fun, amazingly talented ‘The Blues Brothers the Next Generation’. They alone made “First Night” Wolfeboro 2013 memorable. Bravo. Thank you. Thanks to them everything else was gravy. As with the proverbial Curate’s Egg there were some very good bits throughout the night. NO we are not affiliated with them, though I wish we were. Yes, I did chat with them and had a ‘Blues Brothers’ + ‘Anu’ picture taken. And yes, I danced in the aisle wearing their ‘Blues Brothers’ black glasses. Click to ENLARGE.

The fireworks, at 5:30 pm & midnight, were both good. The midnight fireworks were the BEST I have seen in 2 years. It only lasted 2 minutes but it was intense. Multiple rockets at a time. None of this one at a time, just to spread it out. It was a finale from the start! Nothing wrong with that. Less than 30 cars at Brewster to see it. No idea how many others saw it from other locations. It was a blast. I think just about 5 waves of rockets. We were right underneath. It was an experience.

Another indubitable hit, Andrew Pinard, Magician extraordinaire. Wow. Wow. Wow. He was good. Kids just adored him. Great act. He is a local. We should support him. As good as acts you see on TV!

Áine Minogue, a great lady. Beautiful voice. Very nice person. Sound system let her down. Felt bad for her. She tried hard. I wish I could have helped her. They should find her a better venue in future and help her set up her sound system.

Tuckermans at 9 were good, and fun. Very clever. Nice act. Shame that they kind of got overshadowed by the the ‘Blues brothers’ — who were on a roll.

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6 responses to “Wolfeboro, NH, ‘First Night’ Celebrations 2013: A Quick Appraisal. It Was Fun. A Curate’s Egg.”

  1. Mark says :

    On behalf of Tuckermans at 9, thanks so much for your kind words about us. Maybe someday we’ll play the “Blues Brothers” room! 🙂

    • aguruge says :

      Happy New Year. Thanks for helping ALL of us celebrate the ushering in of 2013. You folks were great. We enjoyed. Sorry we had to sneak out at 8 pm! I had scheduled a surprise dinner for my wife. January 1, 2013 was our 10th wedding anniversary. We were going to the Sea Bird for Chinese, but what my wife did not know until we got there was that I had invited the J.P. who married us, a friend from Laconia Rotary (though neither of us belong now), to join us at 8 pm. This was only our 2nd time at Wolfeboro ‘First Night’. I have some thoughts that I need to convey to Charles Wibel. I don’t know him nor anybody else on the committee. I was, however, looking for ‘Charles’ that night, but didn’t find him. The scheduling could be optimized. Basically, with the exception of the ‘BBs’, all entertainment ceased by 10:30pm! Not sure about Charles, but for most of us New Year starts at midnight, not 10:30. It would have been GREAT if you folks and the BBs alternated sets, at Kingswood, throughout the night. Then maybe have you guys, transported to the Boathouse, at 11:30pm, and have you on a PA system signing ‘Auld Lang Syne’. We will come and watch you somewhere soon. Yes, I will plug you. All the best. May 2013 be a great year for all of you. Thanks. Anura

      • Mark says :

        The Boathouse idea is interesting. Interestingly, that’s where we started performing at First Night Wolfeboro 5 years ago. Thanks for putting us in the same league as the Blues Brothers!

      • aguruge says :

        You folks are good. Have you seen ‘Ladysmith Black Mombazo’? My wife and I saw them in Concord exactly 10 years ago. I just left a long reply to ‘John Damico’ of the ‘Brothers’. Though pushing 60, I am still a party animal. The more boisterous the better. To me New Year’s Eve has to be a big, noisy party — and if you don’t get kissed by 30 strange women (stranger the better), it was a bit of a bust. In all fairness, ‘First Night’ is not a party. So, YOU have to fix that. We need a party. My vision. The huge stage at Kingswood. You, BBNG and a young bagpipe group JAMING at midnight … possibly with the very talented kids from the Kingswood choir and band joining in. Hats. Streamers. Dancing. Stomping. Yes, yes. This is the U.S.A. So no alcohol — and people want to know why I long to go HOME. So resolve to make this a party. Thanks. I will try to catch one of your shows in 2013. All the best. Cheers, Anura

  2. John Damico says :

    And on a related note, many thanks from the aforementioned Blues Brothers. 🙂 We ran into many snags in the organization of the event(and are continuing to deal with some currently) but the show still went on and we were thrilled at the response. We have played Cate Park in the summer for the past 2 years and this was our first “first night” venture. We would gladly return to do it again if there is a demand for it. So again, thank you for the kind words, and for joining in and dancing! Glad I brought the extra glasses!

    • aguruge says :

      Happy New Year, John. Thank YOU for all you did to make ‘First Night’ memorable for us. I am sorry to hear about the snags you ran into. That is frustrating and uncalled for. We came in half way through your 2nd set, but stayed to the bitter end. We were one of the last to leave, at 11:40pm. We were very impressed with BBNG, and we are not an easy crowd to please. We see a fair number of groups and musical performances a year. This year we went to HopFest, Laconia Multicultural Day and Highland Games not counting going to Christmas Revels and helping out with the Clearlakes Chorale concerts. You guys are way up there. We live in Alton so don’t keep close tabs of what happens at Cate Park. But, I will keep an eye for you. If you surf through this blog you will see me pushing the concept of a Scottish style New Year’s Eve PARTY. You guys would be great for that. That is what was missing. It was NOT ‘First Night 2013’! It was but ‘Last Night 2012’. You folks, after the encore, finished at 11:40 pm. Yes, we went to the fireworks. The ball dropped at 11:55pm! The fireworks for good, but I doubt if there were 30 cars to see it at Brewster. At 12:02 am it was ALL DONE. Until we walked in on your show, I was seriously thinking: ‘next year, Portsmouth’. Much of what we do is governed by the two kids, 6 & 12. They are now getting old enough to handle Portsmouth. But, BBNG rescued the night. You can convey all of this to the organizers. I made a half hearted attempt to find them. I would like to talk to them. They need some young blood. I happen to know the Music Director at Kingswood. he and his wife actually came around for dinner just before Christmas. I am going to talk to him WHETHER we can organize a PROPER PARTY for New Year’s — as opposed to a wake. We need some bagpipes. Listen to these folks. Next to you, our other discovery. Here have a quick read. You and them together on that huge stage at MIDNIGHT. You can forget the fireworks. We could rock so hard that the water on Winnipesaukee will start to move! More later. Send me an e-mail: anu@wownh.com. Maybe we can grab a drink when I am next close to Manchester and we can plan THE PARTY of the year. Cheers, Anura

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