FitBit Ultra Wireless — I Am NOT That Impressed!

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

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Deanna has had one since last Christmas and loves it. Once even claimed that it was her most prized possession. Well as I posted, just under a month ago, she got me one for my birthday on September 4.

So, I have had it for a month and one day.

I am NOT as thrilled with it as Deanna.

My clip, which is just a ‘holster’ for the unit, broke yesterday — exactly on the one month anniversary. Yes, while  it would be easy to say that it broke because I was rough with it, that would not really be the case. I am not rough on things, something that my contact lens doctors comment about often, sometimes in chagrin. I have been known to wear the same hard, gas permeable lens for 8 years, because I take such good care of them. So, I didn’t abuse this clip. I went to clip it on to my belt yesterday — and it just snapped. You can still clip the unit itself, without the clip. So, I can still use it. But, that was annoying.

But, my biggest frustration is that I can’t get the DAMNED thing to SYNC! It drives me nuts.

I am loath to install any non-essential software on my work PC. I keep this machine lean-and-mean.

So, I installed the FitBit USB software on my backup Windows XP Professional machine. Nothing wrong with that. Windows XP is more widely used than Windows 7. I have had nothing but trouble and frustration.

I have reinstalled the software. I have re-registered the unit. I have changed USB ports. I have tried it with and without a USB hub.

It just doesn’t work every time. One of these days it will get tossed, $100 or not. I hate things that don’t work.

If I spend 15 minutes and reset the damn base unit enough times, plug and unplug the USB cable and refresh the stupid FitBit Dashboard Web page a thousand times it will grudgingly synch and update my data.

Screw that. I don’t have 15 minutes to monkey around with this stupid thing.

Deanna has hers on her Windows 7 laptop. Hers works perfectly.

Yes, I have a backup Windows 7 machine but it is not always connected. I use XP for updating some of my Websites, with FrontPage 2003. So that backup machine is up more of the time than the backup Windows 7 machine.

Yes, I could try Devanee’s Windows 7 laptop, but to me that is a cop out.

Windows XP Professional is still the most widely used of PC OSs. FitBit should support it.

So, right now if you ask me about FitBit you will NOT get a nice answer. It just could be my unit. A dud. A lemon.

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