Alton, NH, Fireworks July 3, 2012: Decent Grand Finale Compensates For Insipid Show

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

To me, a compulsive attender of fireworks (year around), there is always a good indicator of the quality of a fireworks show — the overall enthusiasm and appreciation of the crowd.

At the pre-Independence Day fireworks this year the ONLY applause from the crowd, which was of a decent size, was at the end of the show. If I wanted to be truly cynical, I could say that this applause may have been out of a sense of relief! But, that would be a tad too harsh. The grand finale was half-way decent.

And then, another, sure fire indicator at Lake Winnipesaukee fireworks — the boaters honking their horns to denote approval. There was a fair number of boats in attendance, but I cannot recall hearing even a pip squeak from the water. Just the periodic boom of the fireworks. The boats stayed mum.

For the first 8 minutes of the show, there was only one occasion when more than one firework was fired. It was monotonous, uninspired and tepid.

Last year they had technical problems at this event. It started late. Stopped after a few minutes. Many left thinking that it was over. Then they started again and spluttered on for 20 minutes or so as cars and people streamed off the Bay. They made up for that faux pas with an above average performance at the Alton Old Home Day in August — but, there was hardly anybody there to see it. We had the bridge, overlooking the barge, more or less all to ourselves.

We went to the Wolfeboro fireworks the next day (as is our wont). Yes, it was better and there was crowd and boat reaction throughout. Maybe, it is the different atmosphere, but I always get the feeling that their New Year’s eve fireworks are better.

Yes, I fully understand that it has all to do with budgets. ‘x’ thousand dollars gets you ‘this much’ fireworks (of this ‘quality’). It is how that number is spread out over the allocated time that counts. If you want a 20 minute firework show they have to space out the fireworks. So that is what we get, though I always like to think that with Atlas based in NH we in NH should get a better deal.

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