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US Cellular ‘Battery Swap’ Has Scammed ME!

They INTENTIONALLY gave me a compromised batteries HOPING that I will, in despair, either buy a new battery or get a new phone. Not once, but twice — and the second time around my wife told them that the first replacement had been defective.

I had a perfectly good, long-lasting battery on my Motorola Razr V3. But one day, while in Concord, NH, I noticed that I was ‘low.’ I happened to be driving past a mall with US Cellular and since I had been bombarded with promos for this battery swap I thought I will give it a try. They, as ever, were as nice as can be. Didn’t ask any questions. Just looked up my account. Took my phone away and came back and said here you have a replacement battery. It looked charged. Within 24 hours I realized that something was very wrong. This replacement battery wouldn’t hold a charge! I was lucky if I could get 4 hours STANDBY on a charge. In despair, I sent my wife to Tilton, NH, to see if my ‘friend’ who works for US Cellular was there and he could give me a battery comparable to what I had.

When she got to Tilton my friend wasn’t there. He has had some health issues. She was instead served by a female rep. I think I know who it is. Yes, I think I know her name. My wife, who very rarely has anything bad to say about people, said that this rep. was RUDE. Well, she put another battery in the phone. This was a couple of months ago. This battery does NOT hold a charge. My phone is continually turning itself off. I have it plugged in permanently. I don’t go out much. When I do, and I need a phone, I take my wife’s! It has got that bad.

What is galling is that I am supposed to be a ‘preferred’ customer, having been with them, uninterrupted for over 10 years.

Yes, my wife keeps on saying I should go and see my friend in Tilton and that he will get me a good battery — because he is a good guy, salt of the earth. I am sure he will. he has looked after me, well, for 7 or 8 years. But Tilton is 45 minutes away. Concord is 35 minutes away.

But, I don’t want to. I know the game they are playing and I will tango with them.

I just bought a new battery for $5.40 (inc. shipping) from eBay!

I have been ‘off-contract’ for 10 months. That kills US Cellular. They are hoping that they can force me to buy a fancy new phone and then get me to lock into a 2 year contract by saying I can have it for free.

I am NOT a big phone user. E-mail is my preferred mode of communication given that I am, in the end, a writer. So I do not need a fancy phone or lot of minutes. I have never TEXTED and have had texting disabled on my phones from day one. The only people that sent me text messages was US Cellular telling me that I should activate my texting feature!

Earlier this year we got a Magic Jack. Magic Jack works. It is a marvel. I love Magic Jack. Don’t believe any of the FUD you hear about Magic Jack — like it doesn’t support 911. It does. Yes, we in NH do not get a 603 number. That is annoying. But, I kind of like my 207 number since people now think I am calling from Maine.

So bottom line, DO NOT succumb to the US Cellular Battery Swap. It is a scam. It would be CHEAPER in the long run to buy a car charger. Trust me. I have no reason to give you bad information.

All the best.

P.S. Magic Jack Rocks.


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