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Google Doodles For The USA Gone Rather ‘Woke’ In The Last 18-Months — Have YOU Noticed?

by Anura Guruge

Two other very pointed ‘Doodles’ from last year.

I like ‘Google Doodles’. Always have.

I used to do regular posts on them, but gave up since there was little ‘ROI’ (‘return on investment’) for them; i.e., most of you were not as interested or intrigued as I was.

I still follow them & even visit the ‘Doodle Archive‘, quite often, to see what they do for other countries.

I have noticed two things since around this time a year ago.

  1. Marked SLOWDOWN off Doodles. Nothing like the frequency & regularity we used to see.
  2. They have become markedly & pointedly VERY “WOKE” — or at least that is how it comes across to I.

Have YOU noticed. Go & check. Notice the folks being honored. I am very happy, BUT …. Shouldn’t we strike a balance?

Well, I just wanted to ask YOU what you thought.

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by Anura Guruge

Google Doodles Since May 7, 2013 — Mainly Non-U.S. Hornby Stands Out.



Anura Guruge

Last ‘Recent Non-U.S. Doodles’ post:
Beautiful country-specifics … — May 7, 2013.
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Click to access Google Doodle archives.

Notice the Frank Hornby 150th birthday, UK-only Doodle I talked about.

They have reused the International Mother’s Day Doodle that appears on May 26. On May 5 they used for Mother’s Day in Ireland.

How To Play “Atari Breakout” Video Game On Google Image Search. Today’s Productivity Sapper. Thank YOU, Google.


Anura Guruge

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Pretty simple.

Just do any Google Image search, for example ‘Anura Guruge’.

Then, once the image results are displayed TYPE “Atari Breakout” in the Search Trench (field) at the Top.

Bob will then be your uncle. Enjoy.

U.S. productivity is still way too high despite all of the distractions available through the Web. We have to get it down to stimulate job hiring.

This “Atari Breakout” will definitely help. Please play for at least 4 hours today. Help the U.S. create more jobs.



Disclaimer. I didn’t actually play! I was just taking the screenshot shown above. Video games don’t do much for me. So don’t bother me saying that you scored 32,000,000,000. Bully for you.

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