The Gross Incompetence Of The ‘Alton Central School’ (ACS) Administration Is Again ‘Up In Lights’.

by Anura Guruge

By all means go check the original at Vimeo.

Yes, this is the latest incident of BULLYING by ACS — by ACS Administration (not the kids).

Making fun of Teischan YET AGAIN!

Bullying — like racism — comes in many shades.

Well, let them have their petty satisfaction.

A shameless crew. All of them, led by their shameless Superintendent & grossly shameless Principal — a man very short on principle.

C’est la vie.

We were NOT at the graduation. As far as we are concerned she did NOT graduate from ACS. She was homeschooled.

Teischan hates that place.

There has been a ‘Guruge’ at that school for 13-years & the buggers still PRETEND that they don’t know what our name is.

They CANNOT — they CANNOT — hide by saying this is a NEW one off issue.

Let me share this e-mail from 3-years ago.

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by Anura Guruge

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